Blasphemous: Wounds of Eventide: Isidora, Voice of the Dead Boss Guide

Isidora, the voice of the undead, is one of two new bosses for players Blasphemy: Twilight Wounds, she delivers a fast-paced battle using never-before-seen gimmicks. Isidora and Sierpes must be defeated to regain the eye belonging to an exiled member of the Holy Visages. These eyes are needed to reach the real end of the game.

After collecting half of the bone jewelry and returning it to Ossuary blasphemy, a door on the right side of the room will open. Using Dreamsin’s Shroud, the corpse can hear the spirit informing the player that “she will not allow anyone to interrupt her singing”. Mechanically, this means that the player cannot pause the game during this fight. While it’s an interesting premise, the only benefit a player can get from pausing combat might be an alternate rosary or prayer. Although the battle twilight wound trailer announced blasphemy‘ The sequel is, in general, a gimmick. Players should ensure that they have the correct items equipped before engaging in combat.

The battle itself is quick and requires dodging multiple sources of damage at once, but Isidora’s health is relatively low, so the real difficulty is getting killed rather than drained. Isidora mainly deals physical and fire damage, so Golden Mask Rosary Fragments will help at the start of the battle blasphemy, an orange light will pass through the ground from the right, and Isidora will appear with a sickle pointing upwards, followed by several pillars of fire. Attacks can be easily dodged or missed. The best time to deal damage is when Isidora is singing, sounds a lot like dark soul. She hovers in the center of the area where the fireball spawns, enough time for a complete combo. Her most damaging attacks are a series of three-shot scythe attacks due to her fending off the scythe at the edge of the area. These attacks can be blocked, but it is much easier to jump over them and not have a chance to counterattack. In between these larger chains, there are pillars of fire that the player needs to avoid, her spinning scythe attack that can be parried, and her scythe drag attack that can be jumped over or parried. Okay.

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Blasphemous: Wounds of Dusk: Isidora, Voice of the Dead Phase 2

After half of her health left, Isidora entered the second stage blasphemy Boss fight. There will be a series of pillars of fire, and finally, columns approach in waves from the sides of the area, while Isidora sings in the center. These pillars can be avoided by staying right in the center of the area, during which time the player can hit Isidora. The second stage is much more difficult, as the bonfire in the center of the area fires a steady stream of fireballs, causing a bit of bullet hell.

Haven Prayer’s Zarabanda can help Fireball, and while the Payers may want to play defensively, active play is key. The best time to hit Isidora at this stage is after she pulls a stream of fireballs from her campfire, which then creates columns of fire as she hovers around. She won’t attack with a scythe for the time being, so as long as they can dodge the fireballs and pillars, the player can escape the onslaught of the second phase of the fight. This. These attacks don’t last long, so most of the damage will be done after parrying the spinning attack.

like the suitors in it Dark Souls 2, Isidora is a test of the player’s ability to block and move. No other boss is a prerequisite for Isidora, as long as enough bones are gathered to fight Isidora as long as the player defeats her before she fights Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony. Even so, Isidora is still one of the tougher bosses in the game.

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Blasphemy: Twilight Wounds Available on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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