Black Lightning Future Explained: Season 5 & Spinoff Possibilities

WARNING: The main spoiler for this post comes from the end of the series black lightning.

EQUAL black lightning With Season 5 not taking place on The CW, what does the future hold for the Arrowverse character Freeland? In Crisis on Infinite Earths and arrowConclusion. In September 2020, the network revealed, Superwoman will end after the sixth and final season. But in a shocking turn of events in November 2020, The CW went on to announce that black lightning Season 4 will also be the final part of the show. Although only adding black lightning Coming to the same universe as other Arrowverse shows, the CW is wrapping up its Freeland-centric drama.

And black lightning Season 4 was shot, which shocked not only fans but also the creative team and cast. though, black lightning Season 4 features a final battle with Tobias Whale, as the series finale sees Jefferson Pierce defeat his enemies once and for all. black lightning Season 5 isn’t going to happen, and when you exist in a shared universe like the Arrowverse, the end of the series doesn’t always come to an end.

As long as other shows remain on the air, characters from completed Arrowverse TV series can always appear in cameos or recurring arcs. Although not black lightning Season 5, what can the Arrowverse do with these characters beyond their own show? Here’s what you need to know black lightningits future.

Black Lightning Season 5 won’t happen, but could Jefferson return?

black lightning The series finale saw Jefferson officially leave the superhero show, at least as a protector of Freeland. The final scene shows Jefferson passing the torch to Thunder, Lightning, and Grace while also announcing that he and Lynn Stewart will remarry. black lightning Season 5 won’t take place next year, which doesn’t mean Cress Williams can’t be adapted elsewhere. In fact, fans don’t seem to have to wait long to see Jefferson return to the Arrowverse. electronic warfarethe actor revealed he had one last scene “Adjust” Something like that, especially when another show contacted him: speed.

According to Williams, he was invited to speed Part 8. initially, black lightning The ending scenario caused Jefferson to retire completely, but due to potential speed When it was done, Williams revised it to make it more open. Apparently, Williams said that they were only in the discussion phase, but it seems speed The creative team has some story ideas for Jefferson, so fans can see black lightning Reuniting with Barry Allen after Crisis on Infinite Earths gave them a boost. Maybe it’s something big they could or might announce at the DC FanDome in October after they’ve finished everything. speed Season 8.

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Spinoff painkiller and other possibilities in the future

Black Lightning Season 4 Ends

in spite of black lightning Season 5 not approved, Khalil Payne joins analgesic. After piloting Backdoor, CW officially announced in May 2021 analgesic will not move forward. If a side story is chosen, Khalil will begin a new life in the Akash Valley with his team and continue his adventures as the Arrowverse’s first anti-hero. analgesic were removed, black lightningThe final episode of The Avengers established the perfect backstory with Thunder, Lightning, and Grace, essentially DC outsiders. black lightning Host/creator Salim Akil adopted hollywood termabout seeing the potential of three heroines leading their own series.

However, for now, the CW doesn’t seem to be developing any black lightning turn off. Although like Williams ‘Jefferson may appear in speed In Season 8, the heroine could easily have guest-starred in any ongoing and future Arrowverse episodes. But do analgesic Haven’t gone yet, it will probably take a while for CW to think about ordering a new one black lightning Turn spin-off ideas into growth. black lightning Season 5 didn’t materialize, and it won’t stop any other Arrowverse shows from having the Freeland character as a guest in the next season and beyond.

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