Black Clover Confirms Sister Lily is Even More Tragic Than Fans Thought

Warning: Spoiler for Black Clover episode 349 and 350Some black clover Fans may think that Sister Lily’s transformation into a knight is an escape for the story, but recent events have proven that her transformation is actually the most tragic thing that can happen to her. her character.

in chapter 349 black clover Yuki Tabata’s sister Lily tells Asta she doesn’t want to kill him, though she has been trying to do so ever since. black clover Chapter 335 This revelation causes Ashtar to confirm that Sister Lily is still Sister Lily, despite the fact that Lucius Zogratis used soul manipulation magic to make her one of his so-called knights. While this detail may seem trivial to some, the disclosure will vary greatly.

black clover Proof that Lily isn’t brainwashed

black clover Sister Lily’s great power has been hinted at ever since she fought a mage possessed by a goblin to protect the village of Haggar. All of these set certain expectations when she becomes a knight and becomes a villain. In shounen manga, heroes are often temporarily brainwashed to commit despicable acts. While they can do some terrible things in this altered state and suffer mental trauma as a result, their actions don’t really matter much as the brainwashed characters don’t act like themselves. Surname. Sister Lily is even worse because readers basically know nothing about her except when black clover It is implied that Lily’s younger sister may have been born into a famous family. Sister Lily fights in her own way, so her character can be seen naturally. Also, if she’s really brainwashed, it’s literally possessed by a reincarnated spirit, which is one of them. black cloverThe worst arc before the demon apocalypse.

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but the latest chapter black cloverThat’s not the case with the latest arc, there are two things. First, Sister Lily was clearly traumatized by her actions, as there are many clear images of her crying. Her expression was brutal. Second, Lily is really select Kill Asta just like her. She hasn’t been completely brainwashed yet. Lucius has just forced the idea of ​​”Lucius is right” into her mind, and it overwhelms her memories and feelings for Asta, which appear at various times throughout the show. Unfortunately, Sister Lily is able to believe that Lucius was right about Asta having to be destroyed, but still refuses to kill him. But Lily clearly did not have this will.

Lily can’t play black clover anymore

Ryu says that Lily won't wake up until Lucius Zogratis is defeated in Black Clover episode 350

But while Sister Lily’s plight is far more tragic because she’s still herself and hasn’t been brainwashed, this may be the last chance readers will get to see Sister Lily fight while she’s unconscious, it seems. as until Lucius . Zogratis does not wake up until he is defeated. Since Zogratis is the main antagonist of the series, manga artist Yuki Tabata has revealed that this is the final installment. black cloverthis rules out Lily and Asta forming a team, right?

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