Black Adam: Kevin Hart Wants To Be In Dwayne Johnson’s DC Movie

Kevin Hart wants to be the next black adam Movie.Famous comedian/actor expressed his wish to join his team Jumanji: Step up Co-star Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming superhero epic will be part of the ever-changing DC Cinematic Universe in 2021.

Hart collaborated with The Rock on both productions Jumanji In addition to the forgotten failure of 2016, there is a movie reboot CIA, Earlier this year, even in hobbs and shawls. In addition, Hart has also tried his hand at the superhero genre before, creating a satirical character. Spiderman The villain Harry Osborn in the 2008 comedy superhero moviedespite his role in the upcoming plan black adam The movie will be his first in an actual superhero movie.

during upcoming promotions Jumanji Hart said at a press conference in Mexico that the sequel Canadian Eastern Time He discussed the possibility of joining Black Adam with Johnson. “Either way, he won’t do it, and won’t drag me into it,“He joked with digital reporter Graeme O’Neill.”How selfish that is?‘ Johnson, who was interviewed with him, also said: “We have to find Kevin’s character in the “Black Adam” of the DC Universe.

Hart has been having a hard time lately. He’s stepped down as host of the scheduled Oscars ceremony amid backlash over several controversial tweets, and Kevin Hart has hit another setback in his career. earlier this year when he was hospitalized in a car accident. In reality, Jumanji: Step up This will be his first movie role after the accident.

Take part in big projects like this black adam would be an ideal springboard to regain lost motivation, especially if a movie like this Jumanji and his upcoming drama be a father Proven to be successful. However, the main question now is whether Kevin Hart is really involved black adamWho will he play? He could serve as Adam’s mentor or ally in “The Rock” or even play one of the movie’s possible villains like Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (the mad scientist who found Adam’s grave). in the comics) or Ibak (future ruler) Adam’s hometown of Kandak). If it’s the latter, Hart’s character will likely act as a puppet for whatever major villain Adam faces in the film, whoever it may end up being. For now, though, Kevin Hart will have to wait and see if there’s room in the DC Universe for someone as talented as him.

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Source: Canadian Economic Times

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