Berserk Officially Returns This Summer With Six New Chapters

After a year of waiting, violent Publisher Young Animal has finally announced the return of the popular comic. Readers who have long wondered if the series would continue finally have their answer, and better yet, it’s returning sooner than fans expected.

Shocked the comic world violent Creator Kentaro Miura passed away unexpectedly in May 2021. At the time of his death, he had completed an unreleased chapter and a completed script for the chapter. While the first chapter after Miura’s death is far from over, it does leave a somewhat fitting place, as protagonist Gus finally seems to have found peace after a life of conflict and pain. The next chapter (art done by Miura’s assistants at his production house, Studio Gaga) turns all that on its head. The ending of this chapter is very suspenseful and leaves fans with too many questions.if Berserker’s The publisher is all over it, and it looks like readers will finally get the answers they’ve been looking for.

Now, Berserker’s Official Twitter A letter to fans from publisher Young Animal was posted on the account. The letter revealed that the comic’s return will be supervised by Kentaro Miura’s close friend Koji Mori, with art by Studio Gaga. Mori is also a cartoonist published by Young Animal. The first new chapter will be released on June 24th. After that, five more chapters will be published to conclude the Fantasia/Elf Island arc, and then the manga will move on to a new chapter. While both Mori and Young Animal were aware that Miura didn’t leave any drafts behind before his death, he did talk extensively about the direction of the manga.

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Shortly after Miura’s death, many fans speculated that Koji Mori might have been the one to help complete the mission. violent, so his involvement doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise. The most surprising thing is the date of the first chapter. violent We’ve been in a state of uncertainty for over a year, so the fact that a new chapter is about to begin in a few weeks is exciting. It seems that Young Animal and Mori also made wise choices.Miura and Mori are close friends so if anyone knows the best course violent, that is he and Miura’s assistants at Studio Gaga. As exciting as this is, it’s hard to imagine how much pressure this continuation would put on the team to ensure that the legend Miura started can be properly concluded.

Still, that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm surrounding the announcement. Berserk is loved for a reason. This is a nuanced and rich story with complex themes. There’s a reason why the series’ fan base has grown since Miura’s death.Whether it is the entire berserk theme Whether it’s a rap album or a cool cosplay, fans don’t shy away from showing their appreciation for the series.Now violent Officially moving on, fans can be thankful that Miura’s vision is in good hands.

source: @Berserk_Project

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