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Everyone knows nσbσdy is perfect. Can people be born with physical defects and limitations that make them irrational and even cause fear and rejection? Let’s face it, who can blame these cute animals for being born with problems? Is this why they don’t deserve respect and love or do they not deserve a good life? It’s scary how the way people feel has a big effect on how they feel around them. This also applies to animals.

Αs in the case of a dog, which you may not like its appearance. His contorted face hides a lot of beautiful emotions. I want to be free of prejudice and for everyone to learn to love and appreciate everyone, regardless of their background. But those who deviate from the norm because they don’t follow the rules are often very unfairly fired. Everyone who saw her ran away and didn’t give her a chance.

Βethany is an eight-month-old Labrador retriever. When she was born, she had problems that caused her small face to hurt a lot. She was rescued from the streets of Ukraine, but since then nothing has been easy for her. Βethany needs a home that will take great care of her.


She is used to being rejected by people who, when they see her, think she has something “contagious” and try to stay away from her. Her eyes are misaligned, her nose is completely turned to the right side of his face, and all of her teeth are visible. When they first met her, they thought she was sick or evil, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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Βethany has been working at a Dog Safe Rescue Center in the UK for a long time. Because of her appearance, she couldn’t find hσme. In a world that values ​​appearance, it’s unfortunate that Βethany was born ugly.


A spokesperson for the shelter said: “She is a wonderful dog. She is healthy, friendly, cheerful, well-behaved and loves children.”

When a family that might want to adopt her approached and looked at her, they decided not to adopt her. But Bethany, who never loses hope, thinks that someone will love her despite her flaws and see how good she is. is, give her a permanent place to live.


She hopes that at least one person will see the light in her heart. One of the temporary carers said: “Bethany is fine. She doesn’t even snore in her sleep. People don’t like what the shelter staff say about the dog, even though they know it well. If They say it’s safe to adopt Bethany, that’s because they’re telling the truth. They want to know how we know we’re doing the right thing and if we can be sure. okay because we took her to the vet several times.”

Staff at the shelter said: “If she was that sick, they would put her to sleep because it’s her job. But she’s amazing and the prettiest dog I’ve ever met. Many people find dogs just to take pictures and post them on social media to show how beautiful they are, without considering the smallest animals that have been through the worst to be the ones that need to be loved and cared for. squirrel the most.”

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Bethany’s caretakers know what she is like and have not lost faith that a kind person who sees an animal’s heart instead of its body will adopt her and give her the chance to be a part of it. of the family.

“If I lived in that country, I would not hesitate to adopt her. She is beautiful and deserves a family that loves her. I pray to God that she will be even happier and she she will have a family that will love and protect her from everything.” said one netizen.


Son, be patient. Someone who can see through your cloudy eyes and big heart will soon appear. Don’t let the way things stop you from doing what really matters.

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