Beachgoers in UK escape in the nick of time as cliff collapses

The heart-stopping videos videos that capture people escaping dangerous situations in the nick of time can give you goosebumps and this video posted on Twitter is a perfect inclusion to that category. It shows a group of people at a UK beach luckily escaping a collapsing cliff.

The image captures collapse of a cliff at an beach in the UK. (Twitter/@DorsetCouncilUK)

The incident took place at Jurassic Coast in Dorset’s West Bay. The Dorset Council UK took to Twitter to share a video of the incident. “Rockfalls and landslips can happen at any time. These people had a lucky escape. The South West Coast Path above the cliff at West Bay is currently closed. Thanks to Daniel Knagg for the footage,” they wrote as they shared the video.

The clip opens to show a few people roaming around on a beach near a cliff. Within moments, a section of the cliff collapses. As the big chunk comes crashing towards the ground, the beachgoers quickly move out of the way. Finally, the portion falls where the people were standing moments ago.

“These people had a lucky escape… we urge people to stay away from the edge of the cliff top, stay away from the base of cliffs. If you are under a rock fall, the likelihood is you will die,” Dorset Council said in a statement, reports the Yahoo News.

Take a look at this scary video of a collapse of a cliff:

The video was posted on August 10. Since being shared, the video has accumulated close to 1.5 lakh views and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the share has collected several comments from people.

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How did Twitter users react to this video of collapse of a cliff:

“Oh my goodness. Peak holiday season and no one being hurt is a miracle,” wrote a Twitter user. “It is so scary,” posted another. “Wow, that was close,” commented a third. What are your thoughts on this video?

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