Barcelona-president, announces that a complaint to UEFA against the Ajax fans

Getafe president Angel Torres will get a CHANCE to complain about Kuti. The Spanish team won on Thursday despite losing 2-1 in Johan Cruijf

Getafe president Angel Torres will get a CHANCE to complain about Kuti. The Spanish team won despite losing 2-1 at the Johan Cruijff Arena in the last 16 of the Champions League on Thursday.

“We will get a new one. Not only in terms of football, but also in terms of education and respect,” Torres told SOCIAL. “If family members of our players were in the stands, pelted with beer and other things. We will file a complaint with the union, no matter what, we will not allow it.”

Torres, however, will match the behavior of Erik ten Hag. “As coach of Ajax, he was there for the competition, which started with the third. They don’t know what they would be worth losing.”

Hague got up early in the game, a yellow card, when he was in coachvak from the Spanish report that he was looking for a clash, with Getafe coach José Bordalás, that yellow was referee Tasos Sidiropoulos.

Erik ten Hag argued with Barcelona coach Jose Bordalás, who received a yellow card. (Photo: ) My wife and children were drenched in beer at The Greek, the arbitrator was in any case quite enough for the game. He also drew five yellow cards to players, which is part of the year. Ajax players, on Wednesday, Thursday and last week in Spain (2-0 to Barcelona) despite all the concerns about the negative style of play of the Spanish team.

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Bordalás, is that it is a team, wrongly in black is made of. “We have a whole week of all kinds of accusations. Even today, on the eve of the event, there is no call from the truth.”

Barcelona defender Damián Suárez, such is the behavior of Ajax fans, casts a shadow on the passage to the next round. “We’re very happy with what’s happening on the field and we’re in the last sixteen. But what can happen is illegal. My wife and kids were there and they were wet from beer.”

referee Sidiropoulos shows a yellow to Ajax player Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. (Photo: Pro-Shots).

you can watch the results in the Champions League.

Date of update: February 28, 2020, 10:00 AM

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