“Awful”: Bravo fans slam Bethenny Frankel for “exploiting” Raquel Leviss’s scandalous time on Vanderpump Rules 

Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss has finally spoken up. The reality star had kept an extremely low profile since her affair with co-star Tom Sandoval came out. Both Raquel and Tom received immense hate across social media platforms from fans and fellow cast members since Tom was dating Ariana Madix then.

While Tom went about his life, Raquel decided to check herself into a mental health facility and hadn’t been heard from since after the season 10 reunion was filmed. She was recently spotted in Arizona while the rest of the cast filmed for season 11 in Lake Tahoe, and her future on the show was once again called into question.

Raquel, who recently went back to using her birth name, Rachel finally decided to speak out and appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast to do it. However, fans weren’t pleased because they felt the Bravo star was exploiting Rachel to strengthen her lawsuit against the network.

At the beginning of the podcast, Bethenny admitted to never having watched Vanderpump Rules until after she started taking an interest in Rachel and spoke about how reality television exploits celebrities without the proper compensation.

Vanderpump Rules fans slam Bethenny Frankel on Twitter

Vanderpump Rules” Raquel Leviss, who received ample hate over the last few months, has finally spoken out about her “truth.” The cast member who deliberately stayed out of the limelight post the fallout she faced following season 10 recently sat down for an interview with Bravo celebrity Bethenny Frankel.

Bethenny Frankel, on her part, has been more than vocal in the past few weeks about her dislike towards the way Bravo treats people who star on their shows and has called for the unionization of reality stars amidst the WGA Writer’s Strike.

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During the segment, Bethenny admitted to not having watched Vanderpump Rules until she took a keen interest in Raquel and her villainization. At the beginning of the podcast, she recalled having commented about Raquel’s time on the show post-Scandoval while talking about “exploitation without compensation” and included Raquel’s example.

“I said your name just as an example of what I imagined to be somebody who had been exploited and for the rest of your life, that content will be out there without compensation.”

She asked the Vanderpump Rules star her perspective on the situation, and Raquel noted that it was nice of Frankel to validate her experience because, at the moment, she thought she was going crazy.


She echoed Bethenny’s thoughts and noted that “reality TV” is edited. She said it’s edited to formulate a storyline and is not all factual. She further stated that Vanderpump Rules has seen great success since Scandoval and that the affair helped its standing and rating, but she hadn’t received a single “penny.”

“I just heard what you were saying on TikTok and using my case as an example of exploitation and the way that the network is running to the bank — like laughing, running to the bank — with this scandal and I haven’t seen a single penny.”

The reality star called it unfair and noted that while she feels like a toddler demanding fairness, she has been portrayed as the “ultimate villain.”

Vanderpump Rules is currently filming season 11.

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