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Your avatar is part of your account on a social network. It also reflects part of your personality. Avatoon was developed to design avatars and bring them to more interesting versions. It’s about turning your avatar into a fun cartoon version. How do you feel when you see a cartoon version of yourself? Use your photos to turn them into animations. Show off your unique style and color. This is an exciting experience that can only be found on Avatoon. If you are an animation lover, then Avatoon is the must have app in your smartphone.

When you want to meet someone, their first impression of you is their profile picture. Usually, people will put an avatar of any character or their face. This is the most common but probably the most boring. So to make yourself more attractive, what do you think if you turn your face into a cartoon version? That’s when you need Avatoon. These are just a few very quick and easy steps to put your animated version on social media.

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First of all, you will of course need a photo of your face. It’s even better if it’s a full body photo, or just the face is fine. Capture and load it into Avatoon to perform various operations. So you can create an animated version of yourself in seconds. The next thing to do is shape your character. Choose your favorite clothes, accessories, hairstyles, jewelry… Customize anything you want After a while, you have a cartoon character representing you. It’s like creating a character in a game.

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Many people have created an interesting simulation of their own character. Use these looks to represent you on social media. More than just natural face and body sculpting. There are more unique fashion styles for you to try at any time. Sometimes you don’t need to buy yourself a lot of fashionable clothes. With Avatoon and its various packages, you may want to buy them all. Who knows, you’ll find the perfect fit for you.

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Unique enhanced design

The design tools in Avatoon are not limited to characters and clothing. If you are a creative lover and good at design, you can do more than create characters. This has the potential to generate many different characters with different styles. You can create characters to represent friends and family. Even higher is to design the most beautiful backgrounds by yourself with many supporting tools. Avatoon will give you a lot of unique icons and effects for you to combine. Take a look at the work that many people have done by hand. Some of these designs will amaze you and make you want to do them too.

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Create your emoji

The characters you create in Avatoon aren’t just for show. They can also be used to design your emojis and stickers. Good sound. Instead of using stickers and emojis available on social networks, we can now create our collection. Imagine your character with interesting activities that express different emotions. Brings a very unique and interesting feeling that cannot be found anywhere else. Use stickers when texting with friends so they can also see the amazing collection you just created.

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share your role

Everything that can be done in Avatoon is interesting and unique, but doing it alone is not attractive. That’s why you should share your character with everyone. When your friends see it, they will get curious and download this app. From there, we have more wildcards for you. People create a set of funny cartoon characters. Everyone can express their personality and style through their animated version. Thanks to that, activities, messaging with people also become more fun.

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A whole new way to express your style on social media. Create a cartoon character that resembles you the most to impress your friends. Avatoon is the perfect place for people to fulfill their passions. Give yourself a new hairstyle and change your fashion sense. Interaction is the main thing that makes Avatoon mods more popular than ever.

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