Ava Capri Parents: Michael Palazzolo And Laura Patterson

To have become famous with roles in movies. Experience (2019), sports drama Struggle (2020), and theater When the weather got stronger (2022), Ava Capri found herself in the midst of even bigger success with Take revenge on Netflix. The American teen comedy came to an end on September 16, 2022, and we finally got to see Ava in the role of Carissa Jones. With that being said, here’s our attempt to answer her questions about who Ava Capri’s parents are.

Who are Ava Capri’s parents?

Ava Capri’s parents are Michael Palazzolo and Laura Patterson and she came into their lives on November 10, 1995. So, yes. Ava turned 26 at the end of 2021.

And who are Ava’s parents, let us tell you about each of them below.

Meet Ava Capri’s father, Michael Palazzolo

Ava Capri’s acting journey happened shortly after high school thanks to her parents, who were very supportive of her. Recently, Ava’s father, Michael Palazzolo, proudly announced on his Facebook that his daughter’s movie will be released on Friday. In the comments section below, he was delighted when his friends and family congratulated not only Ava, but also praised him and his wife for bringing such an amazing daughter with them.

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Michael is without a doubt an excellent father. And Ava’s mother once said on the Internet that Ava is the luckiest girl in the world whose father is him.

Also, just so you know, Michael’s mother is the late Adela and she gave birth to Jim, Rob and John Palazzolo in addition to him.

In recent years, Michael’s family has suffered greatly as he lost his nephew Matthew “Matt” Benjamin Palazzolo on December 18, 2018. A young actor and activist for LGBTQ rights, Matt was 33 years old at the time. He died of heat stroke while hiking in the Australian outback, climbing Mount Sonder.

  • Miguel Palazzolo Age

Michael, also known as Michael T Palazzolo or Michael Palazzolo Patterson, was born in July 1953. He would therefore turn 69 in 2022.

  • Michael Palazzolo Business

Since 2022, Michael Palazzolo has worked on administrative property and Inclusion Matters: Shane’s Inspiration on September 13, 2020, in Cogrove-Meurer Productions from August 17, 1997 onwards Produced by Alan Lansburg. of August 17, 1985.

In addition, Michael also worked as a tour guide at universal studios hollywood from August 17, 1977

Previously, Michael studied for a BA in Radio, Television and Film Arts at California State University, Northridge. As for high school, he went to Bishop Germany High in Mission Hills, California.

Finally, he also pointed out that he is a Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM).

  • Is Michael Palazzolo on Instagram?

Michael Palazzolo hasn’t been on Instagram since September 2022. But he appears to have been significantly active on Facebook, where he has shared with 698 friends so far.

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Meet Ava Capri’s mom, Laura Patterson

Ava Capri is lucky to have a loving and supportive mother. This is Laura Patterson and she was probably Capri’s race manager as well. Or maybe only in the past because Capri, as of 2022, represented Gersh Agency and More Medavoy Management.

Laura is obviously very proud of her son. She is always there on the internet giving people updates on Ava’s career.

Ava also gives him back the feeling of knowing which flowers to send his mom.

  • Laura Patterson Age

Born in September 1957, Laura Patterson turned 65 in 2022.

  • Laura Patterson’s Business

First of all, Laura Patterson claimed that she is a real estate agent in the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Properties from September 2020

In addition, long before (January 2022) and since 2022, she was a director/field producer of HOUSE HUNTERS at Pie Town Productions. He said he was lucky to have a steady production job with the company for more than a decade, producing various shows for HGTV.

Laura also previously worked at Universal Studio Hollywood, and even before that, she studied TV/Film at Loyola Marymount University.

  • Is Laura Patterson on Instagram?

Laura Patterson, like her husband, hasn’t had an Instagram account since 2022. Although she has remained active on Facebook, she mainly gives people updates on recent outings, interviews, and anything related to her daughter’s career.

Related FAQ

  • Are Ava Capri’s parents still married?

That. Ava Capri’s parents were still together and apparently happily married as of 2022. At the time of writing, they both also mentioned being married to each other on their social media accounts.

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So every year on the 4th of July when they celebrate another wedding anniversary, they say beautiful phrases to each other like ‘there is no one else in this world that they would rather spend the rest of their lives with’.

They exchanged wedding vows on a yacht in Marina del Rey complete with free fireworks. They really did look like nothing less than a romantic couple out of any Christmas novel.

  • How many children do Ava Capri’s parents have?

It turns out that Ava Capri is the only child of her parents.

  • Where do Ava Capri’s parents live?

Ava Capri’s parents lived in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California. This San Fernando Valley neighborhood, you know, is popular with families looking for suburban comfort.

As recently as September 2022, the couple even agreed to have the film crew use their beautiful home as a location.

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