Arrested Development: Why Marta Was Recast

one of the key characters in Development caught Season 1 was Marta Estrella, but the actress who actually played her changed midway through the sitcom. Development caught Launched on FOX in 2003, it tells the story of the formerly wealthy, dysfunctional Bruce family, focusing primarily on Jason Bateman’s Michael.

While the Bluths all have plenty of reasons to dislike and distrust each other (and sometimes even needlessly), this is the biggest reason in season one. Development caught It’s Marta’s relationship with Michael (Jason Bateman) and Gobb (Will Arnett). She began playing GOB’s girlfriend, a Spanish-speaking soap opera actress, in the third episode, “Bringing Up Buster.” The two broke up because GOB ignored her, and she later became romantically involved with Michael.

When first introduced, Marta was played by Leono Varela, who appeared in the aforementioned third episode and the second season of Marta, “Important Decisions”. However, since filming, she has had a role in the movie innocent voiceand had to withdraw from the role due to scheduling conflicts. from episode seven Development caught Starting with season 1, Marta was played by Patricia Velasquez, a role she played four more times, culminating in her final episode, “Beef Bouillon.” However, this variation works well with the show’s sense of humour, as it matches the way TV soap operas work and also makes for a fun super touch.

since leaving Development caughtVarela has worked primarily in Spanish-language films, although she has since appeared on American television and in The leader’s minions And lethal weapon. Meanwhile, Valasquez has also appeared in a number of Spanish films, most recently in Curse of La Llorona.

Although very meta Development caught, no one in the series seems to notice or acknowledge the change. However, fans have noticed and found a way to tell them apart. A’s character is called Marta 1.0, then B’s version is called Marta 2.0, like Development caughtThe age-old Lucille/Lucille 2 gimmick.

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Marta eventually left Brother Bruce and Buster after watching them both fight for her because family is the most important thing in the world to her. This might have been a brief wake-up call for Gob and Michael, but it wasn’t long before they were fighting again. Although the next seasons – including Netflix Development caught Revival – Will cover the same background as GOB and Michael’s love interest, with Marta herself never officially returning after season one. However, in episode 3 “Forget Me Not Now”, another Marta – named Marta 3.0 – is introduced as a woman Michael has dated. The screenwriters decided to do this in post-production to keep circulating jokes about Marta, but these are unlikely to be Marta’s first two stories.

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