Apple acknowledges nightmare Figures: This classic is no longer sold suddenly

Apple was used to nothing but success for years, but now the product is no longer sold. It is a devastating message for the group. Cupertino – Success

Apple was used to nothing but success for years, but now the product is no longer sold. It is a devastating message for the group.

Cupertino – The success of the pampered technology giant Apple can no longer, apparently, rely entirely on its old cash cow – the iPhone. As is known, it is in Christmas business did not start for Apple, especially well. And complicity seems to have an iPhone.

Especially in China, as many smartphones have been sold recently as expected, but also in some developed markets, not as many users have switched to the new iPhones as thought, company boss Tim Cook admits. Affected countries, Apple is not named. Apple underestimated the general economic slowdown in China and its consequences. The trade conflict between the US and China contributed to this decline.

iPhone as store keeper? One million Apple smartphones undersold

Analyst Walt Piecyk of financial firm BTIG estimates that Apple could sell roughly 64 million iPhones in the Christmas quarter. That would be 18 percent less than a year ago. For the current quarter, Piecyk expects 42.5 million iPhones sold – a drop of 19 percent.

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The iPhone is Apple’s most important product and accounts for about 60 percent of total revenue. In the past, Christmas business alarms have already started to increase. Several media outlets have reported that Apple has reduced orders for iPhone production.

Specifically in China, local smartphone vendors such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Vivo have been on the rise for years, while the global market leader Samsung has also been suppressed.

+ iPhone XS, iPhone, XR and iPhone XS, Max (from left to right): small number sales. © Reuters / Richard Drew

at the same time, Apple has brought more expensive new models of its smartphones in the past year. The cheapest new phone, the iPhone XR, which is available in Europe from 849 euros. The larger iPhone XS Max cost 1,649 euros in the most expensive version. So far, it is unclear to what extent the juicy prices of consumers have been retained from the purchase of new iPhones. At the same time, it is unlikely that you will ensure that sales fall as strongly as in the number of units sold.

Apple wanted, paragraph – no longer has to pay for publishing – because of iPhone Flops?

Overall, the iPhone group lowered its sales forecast for the last three months to $84 billion, while in November it expected $89 to $93 billion.

The Christmas quarter is traditionally the most important for Apple. In these three months, the group achieved multiple records in turnover and profit. In 2017, a quarter of sales of 88.3 billion dollars and 20 billion dollars of profit were realized. At that time, Apple was doing about a fifth of its business in China.

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Apple has already announced, since the Christmas quarter, not a single device sold in numbers to post more than what some market watchers interpreted as a sign of slowing iPhone sales. But the group is in the past, for the skeptics.

Apple CEO Cook explains the decline in iPhone sales

Apple CEO Cook now pointed to the fact that mobile phone service providers have reduced subsidies for new smartphones – and consumers have adapted to it, and what’s more, devices need to be replaced infrequently. Apple wool, among other things, with the purchase of an iPhone and easier financing.

In addition, it would extend the life of your iPhone to some customers with a lower price Offered for battery replacement. Apple has slashed the price of a temporarily strong battery after it became known that the group slowed down the performance of older devices with dead batteries.

At the same time, sales of several other new products such as the iPad Pro, the latest Apple Watch and the MacBook Air were hampered by production bottlenecks, Cook said.

For iPhone misery: Apple’s market value of $55 billion

Apple shares lost about 7.5 percent after closing on the message. The high-tech group lost about $55 billion in stock market value, with investors valuing it at about $700 billion — significantly less than in early August, as Apple became the first private company ever to have a trillion-dollar market value.

was set up as a symbolically significant brand as a triumph for CEO Tim Cook, when he took over in 2011 as the successor to the late Steve Jobs, there was much skepticism.

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Weak numbers from Apple, economy fueled investor concerns Thursday Germany’s leading Dax index fell 0.87 percent to 10,487.87 in early trading, after recording modest gains to start the year. Last Christmas business ended much worse than expected for the iPhone group.

Apple wants to release more detailed figures for the Christmas quarter on January 29.

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