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Antony Chen is a Tiktok star, YouTuber, Twitch streamer and social media personality from the United States. He became famous by uploading short films to his Tiktok account. He currently has more than two million followers on the short video sharing app. Apart from this social media account, he is also very active on other sites like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and so on.

Fast facts

Real name Antony Chen
Nickname Antonius
Profession Tiktok star, YouTuber, Twitch streamer and social media celebrity
Age 21 [as of 2023]
date of birth February 7, 2002
Birth place Hayward, CA, USA
Homeland Hayward, CA, USA
Zodiac sign Amnion
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
College Williams College
Hobbies Reading manga
Known for Tiktoks

Biography of Antony Chen

Antony Chen was born in Hayward, California to an American family. His birthday is February 7, 2002, which makes him an Aquarius by zodiac sign. Antony is his nickname. He completed his high school education at a local private school in his hometown. He is currently a graduate student at Williams College in Massachusetts. He is on track to graduate in 2024.

Antony Chen Age, Height, Weight

Antony Chen is 21 years old and was born in 2002. His height is 5 feet 11 inches and weight is approximately 72 kg. Chen has brown eyes and black hair. Antony’s body measurements are unknown, but his shoe size is 11.5 (US). He has a convincing face and a fit body, which is evident in his physical appearance. He often goes to the gym because he is crazy about fitness.

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Career on TikTok

Antony Chen started his Tiktok career almost two years ago. Despite the fact that he opened his antonychenn Tiktok account at the end of 2019, he only used it to watch short videos. But he came up with the concept of making movies on the app because he was bored during the pandemic.

At the same time, he became interested in anime and manga and wanted to create content on these topics. Shooting a video was a difficult option for him because he is an introvert. Regardless, he stepped out of his comfort zone and started posting things on his Tiktok page.

Despite the fact that he was a sophomore in college at the time, he gave it his all, uploading at least one video a day. For several months, he continued to share more than 30 movies a month. Finally his persistence paid off as his films went viral. He had several videos that got up to 25 million views. By the end of the year, he had more than two million followers.

Regardless, he has been inactive on the app recently as his attention has migrated to other platforms, namely YouTube and Twitch. According to statistics, his account currently has 2.6 million followers and a total of 71 million hearts. Check out this article on FaZe Sensei.

Career on YouTube and Streaming

Antony Chen debuted on YouTube on October 23, 2020 with the video “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TikTok STAR.” After getting bored of making videos on Tiktok everyday, he decided to try making videos on YouTube for a change, and this move proved to be beneficial. Not only that, but it is active on YouTube because it failed to fully cash in on its popularity on Tiktok due to its intricacy. Unlike YouTube, producers rarely make videos from advertisements. Because of these factors, he prioritized his YouTube and Twitch feeds over his Tiktok account.

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He managed to get all his fans to subscribe to his YouTube channel by promoting it properly on Tiktok. Before posting videos in longer format, he first posted his Tiktok videos on the channel. It publishes a wide range of content, including gaming videos and vlogs. On top of that, he recently launched the Ask Antony Q&A series. His upload schedule is also reasonable, posting about two videos per week. His channel currently has over 1.35 million subscribers and a total of 214 million video views. Besides this channel, he has two more: Antony CLIPS (Twitch stream highlights) and MoreAnt (Let’s Play video).

He created his Twitch account to stream his favorite video games because he is an avid gamer. It broadcasts various video games including Genshin Impact, Valorant, Crab Game and many others. It started streaming regularly in December 2020 and has remained stable since then. Furthermore, he broadcasts approximately 50 hours per month, with an average of 2,000 concurrent viewers. The channel currently has more than 495 thousand followers.

Antony Chen Girlfriend, Dating

Antony Chen has recently emerged as one of the new content creators on the internet. Everyone is curious about his relationship status as he becomes more and more popular. The answer to this query is that he does not currently have a girlfriend. Furthermore, his marital status is single.

As a result, we can conclude that he is more focused on his social media career and doesn’t place much value on things right now. As for previous relationships, he has dated at least one person in the past few years. Antony, on the other hand, chose not to publish this information.

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He is from an Asian family, but his exact origins are unknown. Chen is of mixed ancestry, but of American nationality. However, he decided to keep information about his family off the Internet. As a result, we have been unable to find out anything about his father, mother or siblings. Read about Joe Fazer, the fitness influencer.

Antony Chen Net Worth

Antony Chen’s net worth is estimated at $600,000. YouTube, Twitch and sponsorships are his main sources of income. According to Socialblade, his channel has approximately ten million views per month. According to our calculations, he earns almost $22,000 from ads every month. When it comes to his Twitch channel, he makes the most of the site by using various features such as ads, cheers, contributions, and subscriptions. His income from advertisements, shout-outs and donations is difficult to estimate as it varies greatly.

Last but not least, he earns the most through sponsorships. He uses his extensive social media following to collaborate with various major companies around the world. In recent months, he has collaborated with well-known brands such as G-Fuel, Amazon Prime Gaming, HoYoverse and others. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much he earns from dealing with the brand.

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