An impressive optical illusion reveals if you are cold or have confidence issues. So, who are you?

THERE ARE many different types of optical illusions, some are more of a brain teaser and others can completely change the world around you.

This clever illusion can reveal hidden aspects of your personality, but it all depends on what you see first.


Optical illusion can reveal if you have confidence issues or appear cold Credit: TikTok/@mia_yilin

The illusion was shared on TikTok by @mia_yilin and left viewers in awe of how accurate it was.

The painting depicts a winter scene, with ice skating in the moonlight surrounded by a forest, but if you look closely, the trees become more people.

But what did you notice first, the trees or the people?

According to Mia, they both mean very different things.

She revealed: “If it’s your first time seeing a forest, then you can seem quite cold when people first meet you.

“However, once you get a chance to get to know someone better, you become super witty and warm.

“Actually, once you like someone, you’ll do everything in your power to make them happy, it can annoy you when people don’t reciprocate, but that doesn’t stop you from trying.”

Not only that, but Mia discovered that you can be afraid of public speaking, but you can be more relaxed with friends and family.

But if you saw the crowd first, maybe you’re more of a social butterfly.

Mia said, “People are in awe of your ability to make friends and connect with others.

“Sometimes you have trust issues about whether people are just your friends because they want something, but in the end you always choose to see the positive side of things.”

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People may also be jealous of your natural charm, but it doesn’t affect you too much.

What did you notice first?


What did you notice first? Credit: TikTok/@mia_yilin

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