An awesome new brain teaser: you have 20/20 vision if you can find a hanger in the middle of this pile of clothes.

THIS amazing new puzzle is hard for most people to finish in less than two minutes; some just give up.

Spring is often a time of new beginnings and most people use it as an opportunity to get rid of the clutter that is taking up space in their homes.


Can you find the hidden hanger in this pile of clothes? It’s harder than you think Credit: Hammonds

About one in five people clean their home once a month, but according to new research, the average Briton accumulates $215.65 worth of unused clothes in their wardrobe.

That equates to $11.5 billion worth of unworn clothing in homes across the country.

To inspire people to start cleaning this year, British brand Hammonds Fitted Furniture has created this puzzle that challenges people to find a hidden hanger in a pile of clothes.

It takes an average person 97 seconds to solve the puzzle, but some people find it so difficult that they give up entirely.

It may seem easy at first, but the more you look at the image, the more difficult it becomes.

Each piece of clothing has its own bright color or distracting pattern that makes it easy to become disoriented within the pile.

You might even think that there is no hanger at all, but actually there is a hidden hanger in the picture.

For those who are still confused, try to look carefully at the center of the image near the black sweater.

A part of the hanger sticks out just below the sleeve of the sweater.

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If you still can’t find it, we have added another image with the solution to the puzzle.

Meanwhile, you’ve got the eyes of a genius if you can spot the odd letter among the Q’s in less than five seconds.

Also, you have the eyes of a hawk if you can see all 8 animals in this forest scene; It’s not as easy as you think.

A hanger was tucked under a black sweater near the center of the image.


A hanger was tucked under a black sweater near the center of the image Credit: Hammonds

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