Amul’s adorable doodle for Ratan Tata’s upcoming hospital for animals

Ratan Tata is not only a famous industrialist but also a philanthropist in the truest sense of the word. Moreover, his love for animals is known to everyone and he gets involved in various activities for the welfare of these voiceless creatures. In fact, back in 2017, Tata Trusts, of which Ratan Tata is the chairman, announced its plan to launch a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital in Navi Mumbai. Finally, in 2024, the hospital will be officially opened. This news brought smiles among animal lovers, and many took to social media to express their happiness. Amul also joined in with a lovely drawing.

Amul shared this doodle as a tribute to the upcoming Ratan Tata Animal Hospital. (Instagram/@amul_india)

“Ratan Tate Animal Hospital’s pet project is coming!” the dairy company wrote in its post on Instagram. They also shared a picture showing a caricature of the iconic Amul girl standing next to Ratan Tata. While Tata is seen holding the dog’s paw, the Amul girl is petting the pooch and has a beautiful smile. The visual also has a text insert that reads: “The ideal hospital. Har pet ko chahiya [What every pet needs]”.

Since it was shared, Amul’s post has garnered close to one lakh views. It additionally accumulated several comments.

“Good Samaritan, good ‘pet-aritan’. A legend, Dad,” the Instagram user wrote. “Best role model ever,” added another. “This is so cute,” joined a third. “This melted my heart like butter,” posted a fourth. Many responded to the share using heart or crossed arms emojis.

What do you think about this post written by Amul about the upcoming Ratan Tata Veterinary Hospital?

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