American man and Japanese woman converse in fluent Hindi about naan

A recording of a conversation between two foreign bloggers might impress you. It shows a Japanese woman talking to an American man in Hindi, and also about the famous Indian dish, naan.

The picture shows an American man and a Japanese woman eating naan. (Instagram/@mayojapan)

“Japan me naan itna bada kyon hota hai [Why naan is Japan is so big]. Thanks @indiadrew77 for visiting Japan! I hope you enjoyed the Indian and Japanese food here!” Mayo wrote alongside the video on Instagram. The video captured her sampling Indian food with American vlogger Drew Hicks while conversing with him in Hindi.

The video opens to show the duo sitting with huge pieces of naan held in front of them. Surprised by the size, Drew asks Mayo why naan pieces are so big in Japan. To which Mayo replies that she has no idea why, but she loves eating this Indian bread. As the video progresses, they continue their conversation in Hindi about Indian food available in Japan.

At one point, Drew even asks Mayo to tear off a piece of naan with just one hand after she does it with both hands. The video ends with them tasting the food and sharing how much they enjoyed it.

Check out this video of foreigners speaking fluent Hindi:

The video was released on September 8. Since it was posted, the clip has garnered close to 1.1 million views and counting. The share also received several likes and comments from people.

What did Instagram users say about the video?

“Someone please give this guy an Aadhar card,” one Instagram user joked. “I want this naan!” expressed another. “Naan-Stop hit after hit! Love it guys,” a third complimented them. “An American and a Japanese who speak Hindi and eat desi food usually with their hands. The real G20 summit is happening here,” a fourth announced.

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“If you really think this is huge, then it’s either sarcasm, or you haven’t seen an uncut naan in India yet,” claimed a fifth. To which Drew wrote: “That’s the point, in India they cut before serving, in Japan they don’t. The owner actually told us that the reason is that Indian food has become very popular in Japan, so they don’t have time to cut it during peak hours. So they just serve it in bulk.”

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