American Horror Story: Why Freak Show’s Massacre Scene Didn’t Work

in spite of American Horror Story: Freak ShowThe massacre is one of the most dramatic and unexpected scenes of the season, but it’s also a weak counter-climax, misguided by its poor pacing and character choice. Very few shows are as disappointing as this American Horror StoryHorror anthology series often establish an excellent premise, only to ditch that compelling pretentiousness to follow an unimportant side character or focus on an unimportant side quest. One of the best seasons in the show’s history, American Horror Story: cult, It’s a sharp political satire until the finale devotes itself to fulfilling a predictable, terrifying wish.

Similar, American Horror Story: 1984Richard Ramirez’s side-story delves too much into the ridiculous, needless pastime of real-life serial killer crimes, deviating from a hilarious homage to the classic killers of the decade 80s. before that, American Horror Story: Apocalypse It took half a season to introduce a bunch of characters and develop their complex dynamics, before killing them all and starting over in a move that shocked but ended up feeling pointless and empty. However, none of these narrative issues is as misjudged as the critical carnage sequence. American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Dandy Mott Killed Too Many AHS: Freak Show Cast

Dandy’s Massacre American Horror StoryThe bizarre show of the same name is supposed to be a jarring, scary scene, but this scene makes AHS Parts with too few characters for viewers to care about. After that weird program wasted Neil Patrick Harris in a guaranteed cameo, American Horror Story The season unexpectedly kills off a whole bunch of actors when fan-favorite villain Dandy Mott opens fire on the heroes. Dandy consecutively executes Amazon Eve, Ima Wiggles, Penny, Paul, Toulouse and Legless Suzi. Although it was an effective shock, it wiped out half of the actors American Horror Story: Freak Show and instantly renders all their subplots meaningless.

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Looking back, it’s as clear as a brutal collective death later American Horror Story: ApocalypseThis scene is supposed to be a tough reboot for Season 4 AHS. However, since invaders like Kathy Bates’ Ethel Darling have been killed, this makes American Horror Story: Freak Show There are very few characters that audiences can invest in. Dandy Mott Proved American Horror StoryThe scariest villains aren’t usually supernatural, but in the process the villain kills any interest in the story for the season. No monstrous names, American Horror Story: Freak Show The rest of the episodes mainly focus on Jimmy and Elsa.

Playboy’s AHS: Bad timing for freak massacre


One problem with the Holocaust is that it happens at the worst possible time American Horror Story: Freak ShowThe scene takes place after Maggie’s shocking death, and neither of these explosive scenes has had time to meaningfully impact. Even before audiences accept the fact that Emma Roberts’ morally ambiguous villain is dead, Dandy is quick to destroy the remaining heroes. This may have been intended to serve as a dramatic one-two punch, but instead, the opening just tired the audience. American Horror Story: HotelThe lack of sympathetic characters this season undercut the stake story.

Playboy killed the wrong character passionate about the show

jimmy baby and maggie at ahs freak show

in spite of American Horror Story: Freak ShowCarnage kills too many characters too quickly, and the setting faces the opposite problem. That said, the scene just kills off the supporting cast, with Dandy conveniently missing the main character AHS season. Had this scene killed Jimmy, Maggie, or Elsa (or even Ethel, if Elsa hadn’t found her sooner), the clip would have been a lot more powerful. However, Dandy managed to avoid them all American Horror Story: Freak ShowThe biggest players, make the massacre feel like a cheap shock value, as the event kills enough stars to make an impact, but too few to make a real impact.

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In fact, it’s the best of both worlds. Most of weird programThe way the characters die feels less tragic, meaningful, or surprising, and more unnecessary. The shocking value of these deaths, however, is diminished as none of those killed at the scene of the massacre were among them. American Horror Story: Freak ShowClue. As a result, the scene is both too bleak for the audience and too trivial to affect the plot, leading to a sequence that derails the story without revitalizing it. American Horror Story: Freak Show In progress.

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