American Horror Story: 10 Best Sarah Paulson Memes

Split pic: Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story, Paulson in meme with scenes from AHSS American Horror Story Earn her household name status. Her crying face sends two messages to anyone who sees it: some serious performances are coming to an end and some great memes are about to be made.

Sarah Paulson Has Some Iconic Scenes American Horror Story, and all her complicated facial expressions are great meme fodder. There are countless Sarah Paulson memes, but these memes are too good not to share.

delete reminder

People like to think they know how to calm down, but sometimes the effort to appear indifferent is futile.Sarah Paulson’s American Horror Story Audrey’s character may not be lovable, but this meme user is her signature AHS Say what the last grader of the day wants to say: “Get me out of here!” Any student (or former student) knows that the school day goes on endlessly and extends beyond lunchtime. The eyes of teenagers across the country will scream at 2 p.m. during school hours.

all dressed up

Sometimes it can take hours to create the perfect outfit and perfect smokey eye. Getting ready to meet people in real life (especially when many are locked at home) can be quite stressful. After a crazy night on social media, you can feel like a stab in the chest when your friends suddenly change their plans.

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This still image of Sarah Paulson is completely ready to go, with darkness and all plans cancelled, highlighting the curse of being those friends who are always at the top of to-do lists and love to get it done early. everything.


Sarah Paulson (Sarah Paulson) smiley emoticon pack at AHS hotel

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely turned many people’s lives upside down, including their sleep schedules. Many early risers have become raving night owls, doing nothing but staying home and watching TikTok memes and videos until sunrise. With things trying to get back to normal—employees back in the office, kids back to school, etc.—it’s essential for many transitioning night owls to start sleeping at regular times again. However, sometimes that is easier said than done. Sally McKenna, one of the best female characters American Horror Story, definitely get the whole night memorization. Sometimes late night memes are the funniest.


Be the best part after countless years American Horror StoryPaulson in the new is almost unrecognizable American Horror Story Season 10 trailer and setting. But in this meme, that sentiment is totally relevant. Many people know what it feels like to use Snapchat’s flattering filter and feel like they’re actually using it, but when they tilt their head slightly to the side too much or move too quickly, it’s actually a technical air filter. number will be torn. Lost, only the cold and unforgiving reality remains.

thanks i hate it

A meme showing Sarah Paulson eating at AHS: Asylum

Always have a friend who never had a delicious snack at home. Whether it’s just raisins and granola bars in the pantry or a chickpea casserole and a dressing-up salad for dinner, being a good guest means being forced to eat it all and say thank you.

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The same idea applies to adulthood. No crafty person wants to hurt their best friends’ feelings if they try cooking and fail. A tearful “it’s okay” sums it up pretty well.

feel the role

Meme about Sarah Paulson's role in AHS: Roanoke

Sarah Paulson has American Horror Story Since season 1, she has played many roles in anthology-style horror series during that time. As later seasons of the show began to overlap, the characters previously played by Paulson began to interact with each other in the plot, leading to some very interesting (and sometimes confusing) situations. Keeping her sanity as she transitions between so many different roles must have been difficult for the actress, and she deserves the lead acting support to make that happen.

Mom? ? ?

Mothers always know where everything is, and children tend to ask their mothers for everything. Then there’s that scary moment, “Mom!” called into the hallway or downstairs, but no one answered. If mom doesn’t help, there’s nothing you can do at home. Children tend to take their poor, hardworking mothers for granted, seeing them as “housekeepers” rather than family members. This classic moment by Sarah Paulson AHS Perfectly illustrates the attitude of a child with authority..

Hungry or bored?

Showcase Sarah Paulson's memes in AHS: Coven

This meme should be suitable for anyone who’s ever had a meal, and Paulson says exactly what people think, the voice in their head telling them to snack. They couldn’t ignore the voices that ordered them to wander aimlessly around the kitchen before reaching the fridge to stare at Tupperware or produce like zombies, or rummage around the pantry to find chips or cookies.

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In fact, it’s been said that snacking a lot is due to boredom rather than actual hunger, and like Paulson says in this meme, sometimes the feeling of gluttony feels like a separate entity without intent. the best .

silent scream

A meme showing Sarah Paulson screaming in AHS

One of the first memorable moments in Sarah Paulson’s career was when viewers realized how iconic her scream was. Since then, her open-mouthed cry has become part of her brand, appearing in nearly all of her fashion seasons. American Horror Story. Fans can recognize voices in images even if they can’t hear them. Whether out of fear, pain or anger, Paulson shows real fear American Horror Story based on her frown and adapted to the screams that audiences know and love.

give her an emmy

Memes show Sarah Paulson smoking in AHS and ACS

American Horror Story As Paulson smokes a cigarette in performance after performance, the audience is pumping healing energy into her lungs. A dramatic drag or a moderate amount of smoke can add an incredible sense of intrigue to a dramatic scene, but some fans are concerned about potential health problems caused by her actions. Entire collages can be created from her various nicotine addict characters. Fans hope she finally gets the award she deserves so she can give her lungs a rest.

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