Amanda Holden seen in rare make-up free video as she gives Alan Carr the fright of his life

Amanda Holden appeared without make-up in a rare video, giving her co-star Alan Carr the fright of his life.

Presenter Amanda (52) was abroad filming the second series of her BBC show, Amanda and Alan’s Italian Business.


Amanda Holden usually looks ultra glam Credit: PA

However, with her latest post on Instagram, she made a hilarious joke about comedian Alan (47).

In the clip, the actress sneaks up on her friend before he screams, “Oh, you little bitch!”

Amanda wrote in her caption: “Me and @chattyman entertaining each other with ghost stories here in #italy.”

In May, The Sun revealed that Amanda and Alan had filmed a second series of their TV show.

The eight-part series was one of the most watched entertainment shows of the year.

The pair had the audience laughing as they renovated a dilapidated Sicilian cottage while tinkering with power tools and sipping Aperol spritz.

Earlier this week, she went to shoot the series.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing as she missed her flight after taking the wrong passport.

The BGT judge revealed her gaffe on Heart FM while speaking on FaceTime with Jamie Theakston and her co-host Zoe Hardman.

When she arrived at London City Airport, the actress realized she had brought her husband Chris Hughes’ passport instead.

After successfully making her way to her destination, Amanda explained how everything went on the Breakfast show.

Zoe told listeners: “Now listen, someone just texted us Sam ‘Where’s Amanda going?’ I passed her yesterday at Gatwick Airport on my way back from Spain, she looked very glamorous!'”

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Amanda jumped in: “Oh! Well, I wasn’t supposed to be at Gatwick yesterday, I was supposed to be at City Airport… I got to City Airport and opened my passport and it was my husband Chris’ passport!

“It was my worst nightmare, my poor friend who was with me had to go on to Italy and then I had to get into a taxi, I mean shout out to a lady called Georgie Hicks who was just helping me all the way she could yesterday put me on that plane.

“Someone went and got my passport on a motorbike, and it got to me when the plane took off, so I got to Gatwick and then I ended up in Italy in the afternoon!”

Jamie replied, “Gosh, that’s the kind of stress that makes me cringe.”

Amanda continued, “But you know what? Honestly, Jamie, before I left the house yesterday, I had all my stuff with me in the studio, my husband said, ‘Do you have a real passport?’ and I said, ‘You know what, stop treating me like one of the kids!’

“To call him and say, ‘You won’t believe it, I have your passport,’ and he texts me later in the day, ‘Can I still talk to you like you’re one of the kids.’

“I just wanted to kill him if he was right!”

But she appeared without makeup in a new rare video


But she appeared without makeup in a new rare video Credit: InstagramThe host gave Alan Carr the fright of his life


The host gave Alan Carr the fright of his life Credit: Instagram

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