Alleged Dbanj Rape: Here’s Everything Seyitan’s Family Said

Here is the latest statement about Seyitan Babatayo, a young woman who claimed Dapo Oyebanjo aka D’banj raped her at Glee Hotel 2018, shared by Segun Awosanya.

“I really want to thank Seyitan’s family at this difficult time. It’s a real pleasure talking to you this morning. I am glad to have filled in the missing links, as well as elated to know that we are on the same page regarding the fact that Seyitan’s interests are paramount.”

“As already stated, please allow me to convey Seyitan’s family’s position on this matter, which consistently represents Seyitan’s prayers and wishes: She deserves her peace and a normal life.”

Seyi is not a liar. He was under incalculable pressure that may have contributed to the communication gaps and inconsistencies that are now put into perspective. I would like to clarify that she was arrested and detained based on a petition that was eventually withdrawn.”

The family will take over from here and all parties to the conflict are advised to stand down and respect the family’s wishes.”

This is my position, which I cannot overemphasize, so as not to fail the generations and salute the repetition of what happened here. Everyone must condemn the evil and hateful approach of some vested interests (BMC and e-Feminist Coven) on this issue to the detriment of Seyitan’s welfare.”

A malicious interest group mistakenly believes that the seyitan’s reluctance to accept their orders is related to me, as evidenced by their numerous statements via trolls and Twitter ghouls under the pseudonym e-Feminists (recently renamed Feminist Coven).”

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The family has also reiterated and distanced itself from the baseless accusations made by those who hope to use their situation to further their agenda. Seyi and her family are not interested in any CASE or legal battle as strictly communicated by @SIAF_NG (via @segalink)…”

…even before STER or the police get involved, as well as the embattled feminist alliance spinning stories and accusing everyone of coercion and control simply because their plan went off the rails.”

I still want to measurably believe that STER meant well for Seyitan and could not be held directly responsible for the actions of the malicious and unscrupulous legion, who uphold the plan,…”

…although @StandtoEndRape’s statement on the baseless allegations may have been issued to distance their services from the campaigns of well-known gender trolls on Twitter. It’s a shame they didn’t see this as critical.”

The activist willingness of @kikimordi @ChiomaChuka and @AyodejiOsowobi (from STER) and others to help people who need immediate intervention cannot be seen as daunting, but looking at what happened in this case,…

…and failure to commit to NAPTIP: the loudest call for a complete revamp of the SARC process in Nigeria is inevitable. Public trial in the media really shouldn’t be the ONLY center of investigation and relief in Nigeria.

…The end of heavenly clarification in knowledge…”

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