All Zombies 3 Songs, Ranked By Catchiness

This summer, Disney+ launches Zombies 3 The first two films in the series proved successful with a new generation of Disney kids for their bright colors, inclusive messages and fun songs.

Part Three provides all of these elements and more.The music has a lot to live up to, although some songs are just as good as the first two zombie Movies, not all of them hit the mark.So which Zombies 3 Songs as catchy as “Flesh and Bone” Zombies 2which songs underperformed?


Matt Cornett, Terry Hu and Keira Tanto

The Aliens are practicing the gas moves they plan to use at the Seabrook gas game. They performed some amazing tricks and defied gravity on this song.

This song is not very good. With only one word spoken the same way every ten seconds, it’s hard to feel the beat of the music. The song makes sense for the alien show and their sense of unity, but compared to other songs in this movie, “Utopia” doesn’t have a lot of suspense.

with full force

Plants vs. Zombies 3 cast

Zed and Addison in a side hug in Zombies 3

at the beginning Zombies 3, the high school seemed to be holding a pep rally. The Shrimp Cheerleaders perform their routine.

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“Fired Up” is more of an anthem than a song, but the accompanying trumpet is fun and the rhythm is sweet.This could be considered a reprise of the “Fired Up” song sung in the original zombie, although this rendition has more defined structure and melody. This is the first of many homages to previous films.The series is considered one of the best movie trilogies released by Disney Channel, and Fired Up is also included in it Zombies 3 Shows how proud the writers and producers are of the original 2018 film.

Nothing but love

Plants vs. Zombies 3 cast

The cast of

The movie ends with all the important conflicts resolved. As with any Disney Channel musical, they end with a fun musical number. Since this is the final film in the series, “Nothing But Love” also serves as a farewell song for fans.

This finale song is upbeat, melodic and exciting. Some of the lyrics are references to previous songs in the series, such as “Own The Night” and “Do It Like The Zombies Do,” which are great. While “Nothing But Love” is both popular and fun, there’s also a lot going on. It’s not one of the catchiest songs, but it’s the most confusing and hard to follow.

I am finally me

Plants vs. Zombies 3 cast

Addison stood alone in the school corridor singing

Addison discovers that she possesses alien DNA and powers that can be activated by magical stardust brought by the aliens. Addison expresses her excitement at finally knowing the truth and sings the song.

“I’m Finally Me” is reminiscent of “Stand” from the first film, where Addison takes off her wig and reveals Seabrook’s true identity.It’s not the best song and sequence zombie, and “I’m Finally Me” isn’t the best of the issue either. However, this new song has a lot going for it. The bridge is made up of songs that would be fun to shout and dance to, and although the song starts off weak, it gets stronger after the first chorus and ends with a bang.

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one day

Plants vs. Zombies 3 cast

Addison and Zed singing

Addison leaves with the aliens to help them find a new home in the universe. The main characters, humans, zombies and werewolves, sing the song as they look gloomily at the sky.

“Someday” as the unofficial theme song zombie Franchise. This is arguably the best, catchiest song from the first film, and has been replayed several times to varying degrees.The first version is a poppy duet sung by Addison and Zed, while the rendition is Zombies 3 More like a slow ballad. Even so, “Someday” retains the catchy hooks and melodies that made it such a hit in the first place.

come out now

Chandler Kinney, Ariel Martin, Pierce Joza

Plants vs. Zombies 3 Werewolf

The werewolves realize that aliens are spying on the Moonstone, and they are outraged. They search the area, trying to track the aliens.

“Come On Out” is almost as good as a Werewolf song Zombies 2, “Tonight is Ours.” Chandler Kinney’s voice as Willa is beautiful, and the sound of their howls turning into “oohs” is magical. Add in a nice beat and clapping effects, and it’s one of the best, catchiest songs in this epic Disney+ fantasy movie. One thing that ranks low on this list is the chorus, which consists of a harsh whisper that’s hard to listen to.

Excellent Zed

Plants vs. Zombies 3 cast

Seabrook residents sing Exceptional Zed in Plants vs. Zombies 3

Zed is about to meet with a Mountain College recruiter during a home visit interview. If he gets in, he will pave the way for other monsters to receive higher education. To be considered, he must prove he is an outstanding student.

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“Exceptional Zed” is a great song to sing and dance to. Zed, played by Milo Manheim, is freaking out about this interview and everyone is rooting for him. One of the best lines is in the chorus where he sings “I’m just gonna forget my doubts and get up out of my head.” For anyone who doubts their own abilities, this song is sure to boost their confidence And it is deeply imprinted in their minds.

no doubt

Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly

Zombies 3 Addison and Zed

Zed and Addison discuss their future together before heading off to school. They are both worried that something will happen between them, but they don’t want to show it.

“Ain’t No Doubt About It” is an extremely relatable song for anyone who has experienced young love. Swinging melodies and staccato effects that distract from the conflict at hand seem to be the whole point of Ain’t No Doubt About It in this feel-good film that can cheer anyone up instantly . The chorus is a beautiful combination of brass and choral harmony that makes it easy to fall into the rhythm of the song and prompts fans to sing along.

alien invasion

Plants vs. Zombies 3 cast

zombie 3 aliens

The Mighty Shrimps are preparing to head to the football championship game with some recruits from Mountain College when an alien spaceship appears.

“Alien Invasion” is the second song in the film and it marks the inciting incident. Everything about this sequence is epic, from the explosions in the background to the alien choreography. The chorus of this song is very catchy and the electronic dance sound is very danceable. The harmonies are amazing and the alien/human mashup at the end is great.

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