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The sixteenth edition of Premier League Darts will begin on Thursday. Michael van Gerwen has won the prestigious competition for the last four years, sf

The sixteenth edition of Premier League Darts will begin on Thursday. Michael van Gerwen has won the prestigious competition for the last four years, with five victories, only one title was erased from the record, Phil, Taylor (six). Click here to see more participants in the program.

Participants in the Michael van Gerwen call: Peter Wright (Dr) , Rob Cross (Eng) Michael Smith (Eng) Gary Anderson (Sel) Daryl Gurney (No) Nathan Aspinall (Eng) ) Glen Durrant (Eng) Challengers

John Henderson (Sh) Fallon Sherrock (Eng) Jonny Clayton (Wal) William O’Connor (Irish) Luke Humphries (Eng) Stephen Bunting (Eng) Chris Dobey (Eng) First book by Jermaine Wattimen.


Michael Smith, Glen Durrant. Gary Anderson-Daryl Gurney Michael van Gerwen-Peter Wright. Nathan Aspinall John Henderson Gerwyn Price “-Rob Cross).

Rob Cross, Nathan Aspinall. Gerwyn Price Michael Smith Gary Anderson, Peter Wright ) Glen Durrant-Fallon Sherrock Daryl Gurney, and he has a close relationship.

Peter Wright, Rob Cross Jonny Clayton-Michael Smith Michael van Gerwen-Nathan and the Jane Goodall Institute on vimeo. Daryl Gurney-Gerwyn Price ) Glen Durrant-Gary Anderson.

Glen Durrant-Nathan Aspinall Rob Cross, Gary Anderson Daryl Gurney- – Michael Smith William O’Connor-Michael van Gerwen Gerwyn Price Peter Wright.

Rob is Cross-Daryl Gurney Gerwyn Price, Glen Durrant. the Nathan Aspinall Peter Wright Gary Anderson-Luke Humphries. Michael Smith Michael van Gerwen.

Michael Smith and Peter Wright. Daryl Gurney-Glen Durrant. Gerwyn Price Michael van Gerwen. Rob Cross, Stephen Bunting

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Michael Smith, Gary Anderson Michael van Gerwen-Rob Cross, Nathan Aspinall-Gerwyn Price. Chris Dobey-Daryl Gurney : Peter Wright, Glen Durrant.

Gary Anderson-Gerwyn Price, Nathan Aspinall-Daryl Gurney Michael Smith, Rob Cross Michael van Gerwen-Glen Durrant Peter Wright But like the first time.

Glen Durrant-Rob Cross, Nathan Aspinall-Michael Smith: Peter Wright-Daryl Gurney Michael van Gerwen-Gary Anderson Jermaine Wattimena-Gerwyn Price.

The Premier League in darts has two speelrondes this year in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. (Photo: Pro-Shots).


Permanent participants play in the first stage of the competition, one against others, and they play when you oppose the challenger. Two players who enter the ninth round, the so-called “Judgment Nights” – in the last two places of the championship ranking, are eliminated. The challengers may not have the points to catch the league table, but they can only earn when they draw or win.

The remaining eight players will then move on to the second stage and play again, once, against each other. The top four eindranglijst for the play-off, who are number one in the semifinals and four are two and three against each other, and the winners of those two meetings on the same day in the evening to take it to the final round.


The team from the year to the speelrondes will play according to the best of 12-principle first to 7, or with a tie ratio of 6-6), and with the competition in the second phase, the best of 14 games, the first to 8 or 7-7-tied ). The winner is: around 250,000 British pounds (around 291,000 euros), runners-up: 120,000 British pounds, semi-finalists: up to 80,000 pounds. Fifth: up to £65,000. second place: £55,000. position of £50,000. Eighth: more than £45,000. Ninth: 30,000 British pounds sterling : Winning challengers: for 5,000 pounds. Undecided, Challengers: Around £3,500. Challenger’s loss: at £2,500. Leader after sixteen speelrondes: 25,000 British pounds.

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Previous winners 2005: Phil Taylor 2006, Phil Taylor 2007, Phil Taylor 2008: Phil Taylor 2009, James Wade 2010, Phil Taylor 2011: Gary Anderson 2012: Phil Taylor 2013 Michael van Gerwen. 2014: Raymond van Barneveld for 2015: Gary Anderson 2016, with Michael van Gerwen. 2017: Michael van Gerwen. 2018: To Michael van Gerwen. No later than 2019: Michael van Gerwen Updated date: February 4, 2020, 07:00

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