All Daedalian Key locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is full of things to collect and loot, most of which comes from good, old fashioned treasure chests. While most can be opened freely, there’s one in particular that is arguably the most difficult to crack open. The house chest is dangled in front of you very early on in the game, but you won’t be able to open it for quite a while. The first step to doing so is to find 16 Daedalian Keys, which is already a lot before considering the magical twist this game puts on hunting them down. To save you from snapping your wand in two, here are all the Daedalian Key locations in Hogwarts Legacy, plus how to finally crack open your house chest.

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How to start the Daedalian Key quest

To actually begin this quest of hunting down the keys, you will need to head outside and speak to a student named Nellie Oggspire. You can find her in the Transfiguration Courtyard, and she will tell you about these winged keys flying all around the area, as well as the location of the first one to help get you started. As you find the keys, they will lead you to a special cabinet where you start a minigame. The goal is to “slap” the key as it flies directly over the keyhole to unlock the cabinet. You can’t fail at it, so take as many tries as you need. Once you nail it, the cabinet will open and give you a House Token.

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All Daedalian Key locations

There are 16 total Daedalian Keys to hunt down to complete this quest, three of which you won’t be able to get until you unlock the Alohomora spell by completing “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” quest. We will note those specific keys for you so you know which to wait to get until you have that spell. These are the locations where you will find the keys themselves, but remember that you need to follow them to their associated cabinet and complete the timing minigame to actually collect the House Tokens you’re looking for.

  1. The first key is marked for you in the Astronomy Wing. You will find it next to that location’s Floo Flame.
  2. In the Central Hall, go to the north corner to grab the key near the entrance to the greenhouse.
  3. This key is hanging out around the rhinoceros skeleton in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.
  4. From the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame, turn around and go into the North Hall. You should see the key directly ahead of you by the History of Magic Classroom.
  5. From that same starting point, turn around and go through the set of double doors and down the staircase all the way to the bottom. The key will be right next to a sleeping dragon.
  6. Perhaps the easiest key to find is right at the top of the stairs in the Entrance Hall.
  7. While going up the Grand Staircase, watch for the key flying past you back down. Chase it down the stairs to grab it.
  8. Visit the fireplace in the Great Hall for an easy key.
  9. From the Floo Flame in the Library Annex, you will see the key floating by the closest bookcase.
  10. Coming in from the Transfiguration Courtyard entrance into the North Hall, you can find this key near a big globe.
  11. Zip over to the Potions Classroom and snag this key right at the top of the stairs just inside.
  12. From the Quad Courtyard Floo Flame, find the fountain with a serpent statue in it and go past it through a big arch. The key will lead you down some stairs.
  13. Enter the Viaduct area and take a left. The key is under the staircase.
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Keys requiring Alohomora

The last three keys are in areas where you need to use the lockpicking spell Alohomora to enter.

  1. Enter the Clock Tower from the Crossing Wands area and go up the stairs and to the left. The key will be at the end of this hallway.
  2. Also in the Clock Tower, this time go all the way to the top to the entrance to the Faculty Tower and track the key into the Hospital Wing.
  3. Ending our quest in the Faculty Tower, you simply need to start heading up the stairs to find the key leading you back down the way you came.

How to open the house chest

A wizard looking at the house chest.

After finding all 16 keys, and thus collecting all 16 House Tokens, you can now unlock the House Chest in your common room. This will grant you a special piece of gear called the Relic House Uniform, which will have a different appearance depending on which of the four houses you are part of. Aside from looking cool, this outfit will glow with different effects as you cast spells. Note that this robe is technically a collection piece, not actual gear, so you can apply its look to any gear you want.

Once you have your fancy new robe, don’t forget to report back to Nellie to complete the quest itself and collect your XP rewards.

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