Airstream Basecamp is back for those seeking a smaller, more affordable trailer

Airstream Basecamp: Basecamp 2.0

For nearly a century, Ohio-based Airstream has built on its now-legendary legacy by designing and manufacturing some of the finest travel trailers available. The brand recently announced that it is adding to its already impressive trailer lineup by finally re-releasing one of its most beloved options, called the Airstream Basecamp. A smaller, more portable model, the new and improved Basecamp features an array of 21st century technology that can wow any millennial – while remaining easy on the pocket.

Starting at just shy of $36,000, Airstream’s Basecamp is a steal compared to the rest of the company’s 19- to 30-foot trailers that run between $45,000 and $140,000. The smallest trailer of the bunch, the Basecamp measures a reasonable 16 feet, 3 inches in length and is obviously designed to work best for two people.

“Basecamp is really designed for someone who wants something that’s maybe a little more rugged or a little more off-road,” said Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler. “It’s smaller, lighter, has more ground clearance, gets into tight spaces easier, but that’s not really a compromise. It has everything that fully functional travel trailers have — sleeping for two, seating for five, full wet room, full kitchen, refrigerator, storage for all your gear. It’s just made in a more compact form.”

Able to be towed by an SUV, the Basecamp’s unique design (along with its modest price) allows it to really stand out from the travel trailer pack. As Wheeler points out, its small size does not detract from its overall function. Boasting the Airstream’s iconic aluminum exterior, the company also includes panoramic windows up front so anyone in the front row can see their destination. With a wood-tone aesthetic adorning its interior, it looks perfectly at home outdoors.

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And there is technique. Airstream has gone all futuristic with the Basecamp, equipping the trailer with a solar pre-wired kit that allows owners to easily install their own solar panels and harness its renewable energy sources. It also includes numerous USB ports for charging smart gadgets, a technological base that can be locked, and an innovative and efficient heating, ventilation and hot water system. Even its storage capacity allows owners to easily store equipment and gear without getting in the way.

A true force in its industry, Airstream prides itself on the community it has built and developing products that allow people to “enjoy the open road comfortably and worry-free.”

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