Ahsoka’s Ahsla Name Shows She Wasn’t Good At Hiding From The Empire

jedi’s story Episode six revolves around Ahsoka Tano using the alias Ashla to evade the Empire, a name that proves the former Jedi isn’t the best at evading the Empire. jedi’s story Episode VI begins with Ahsoka secretly attending Naboo’s Padmé Amidala’s funeral, before Bail Organa provides her with a secret communication link when she needs help. The rest of the episode takes place on a farm, with Ahsoka trying to escape the Empire and start a new life under the name Ashra.

However, if Ahsoka’s main goal is to stop the Force-sensitive people in the Empire, then this name might not be the best choice for her to use. Ashla is indeed a name with many meanings Star Wars’ Extensive knowledge, often associated with the concept of Force Sensing. Since the Empire Inquisitors are all former Jedi who have fallen to the dark side, any Inquisitor who hears of a potential Jedi lurking under the name Ashra can tell that claim is legal, as this alias is related to the Dark Forces. close relations. force yourself.

What does Ahsoka’s alias “Ashra” mean

First of all, the word Ashla means Lasat . race Star Wars The universe calls itself the Force through the gods in their culture. The Lhasatian appeared briefly in Star Wars: Rebels Thanks to Zeb Orrelios, the show confirmed the Lhasatian belief that Ashra is the spirit of the galaxy and the embodiment of the Force. Star Wars: Rebels There is another usage of the name Ashla, used by the mysterious Bendu.exist Star Wars: RebelsBendu calls himself “The one in the middle”, Harnessing the Force, but using neither the light nor the dark side. In doing so, he points out that the Jedi use Ashra and the Sith use Borgen, the light and dark side of the Force, respectively.

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Use Ashra for the bright side of the Force and Borgen for the dark side, from the two moons of Tesson. Tython is a planet like this Palestinians And has a close connection with the Force. All uses of the word Ashla are broader Star Wars Legend proves Ahsoka’s use of the word wrong. While it makes sense that the former Jedi wanted to somehow ally with the Force using the Light Side’s own alias, Ahsoka may have forgotten that this could alarm the Empire and jedi’s story Investigator, it will be easier to understand her Jedi origins.

Why didn’t the Inquisitor ask for the Jedi’s name?

A new Inquisitor has appeared in Legends of the Jedi.

Fortunately for Ahsoka, however, jedi’s story Make sure the Inquisitor doesn’t ask for the name of the Jedi he’s tracking. After confronting Ahsoka, the Inquisitor quickly deduces that she is indeed Ahsoka Tano, although there is no indication that she knows the name Ahsoka used, Ashra. If the Inquisitor had simply asked for the name of the Jedi boy from the village who reported Ahsoka, the word Ashra would have likely told the Inquisitor that the incident was legit. This prevents the Inquisitor from burning down the village and interrogating the boy for fear of the boy lying about the Jedi. Anyhow, whether it was from Ahsoka’s first use of the Force to her misusing the name Ashra, jedi’s story Much of the beloved character’s backstory is explored, including the alias that may need more consideration if Ahsoka’s goal is to completely escape the Empire.

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