After PS5, Blinkit now delivering fans in 12 minutes, the Internet has a lot to say

Blinkit, an app that delivers groceries and other everyday items to your doorstep, made headlines a few days ago after they announced that they would be selling the PS5 through the app. Now they have added another item to their list of products – a fan. Arindam Paul, who is associated with Atomberg Tech, the company that sells the fan on Blinkit, shared this news on X. After it was published, the post spread like wildfire, with many people reacting to it.

A shot of a fan being sold on Blinkit.(X/@arindam___paul)

Arindam Paul wrote on X, “Now live on Blinkit. Same price as other e-com platforms. Delivery in 12 minutes. Let’s see how much we can sell this summer.” (Also Read: Blinkit Delivers Sony PlayStation 5 In Record 10 Minutes, Internet Asks ‘But Why’)

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Shortly after this Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa re-shared this tweet and said, “Thrilled to see how well Arindam and team are building Atomberg. Happy to be a part of their journey.”

Check out the tweet here:

This post was shared on April 11th. Since it was published, it has received more than 17,000 views and close to 200 likes.

See how X users reacted to the post:

The individual wrote: “Now that I have a fan delivered in 10 minutes, how many days will it take @atomberg_tech guy to install? @arindam___paul.”

Another commented: “People keep asking what’s the use of getting this or that thing delivered in 10 minutes. The future is convenience and quick decision making. Way to go @arindam___paul boss. Keep growing.” (Also Read: Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhinds’ Hilarious Reaction To User’s Chat With CEO On New Year’s Eve)

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“Seriously? Every household that uses Blinkit or buys from a kirana store must have ceiling fans. There must be some kind of insight into that; I’m very interested to know. First PS, then Atomberg. I feel like it’s more of a marketing exercise,” added a third.

A fourth joked: “Me: I have to order bread and vegetables for breakfast tomorrow. Blinkit: There you go. Me: I’m thinking about buying a fan too. Blinkit: guess what? Me: Time to buy a PS5 too because my friends are coming Blinkit: Bro, you won’t believe but…

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