A woman adopts an elderly dog ​​from an animal shelter and discovers that the dog is her childhood puppy

The woman wants to adopt a dog. The woman’s name was Nicolae Grimes. She started looking for a dog to adopt on social media.

A cute Pomeranian poodle mix caught her attention. She remembers that her family once had a dog just like that.

They had to give up the dog because their family moved to another place. They left the dog at the Washington Area Humane Society. The girl’s father got a new job and they moved to another place.


The girl received the dog as a gift from her grandmother. She missed her dog the whole time. She named the dog Chloe.

She was heartbroken and had a hard time leaving the puppy. Now she has the opportunity to adopt a puppy that looks just like the one she already has.


When the woman came to adopt the dog, she discovered that the dog was 11 years old and its name was Chloe. The little girl felt warm and loving when she saw the dog for the first time.

The dog reminded her of a puppy she once raised. The woman checked the dog’s microchip and discovered that it was a puppy she used to have. This is a true fairy tale where miracles can sometimes happen.

The woman is happy to have her dog back. They were inseparable and their relationship is now very strong. A dog brightens up a family’s days. The woman did not expect that she could find her best friend with four legs since childhood.

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