A scene that touches the heart. Ukrainians are fleeing Ukraine, bringing their pets

Ukrainians are fleeing Ukraine, taking their pets with them. The scene was so sad.

Many have fled and refused to live without their beloved dogs and cats.

Many photos have gone viral of people trying to cross the border with their pets or hiding with their dogs in shelters or train stations.


These frightened animals need food and care, as well as medicine. They are trying to survive the noise of the bombs.

Slovakia, Poland and Romania allow Ukrainians to bring their pets across the border without a vet document. Looking at these pictures, just think that both humans and dogs need a better life.


Pets also suffer from these bombings. Many people bring their pets because they want to see them safe and sound.

There are many organizations that need donations to take care of these hopeless animals.


These organizations are always with the animals and will never leave them.

Source: thedodo.com

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