A lucky stray kitten gets a second chance after being hit by a car

A homeless cat named Davey was seen by a good person on a regional highway in Florida. The cat was seriously injured and lying on the road after the collision.

Its condition was dire, but fortunately a Samaritan rescued the kitten and immediately called local rescue service Caring Fields Felines to help the kitten.

The rescue team acted quickly and promptly took the kitten to the vet for examination and treatment. The vet even took X-rays to see how deep the wound was.


A weak and pitiful cat was seriously injured in a traffic accident. Her neck was injured and that was because his whole body was in a cast for 10 weeks.

At first glance, the kitten seemed healthy, so veterinarians at the animal hospital began to care for the kitten. Her condition is improving even though it has been 6 weeks since the cast.

He’ll be in a cast in about 3 or 4 weeks. Then he started with physical therapy. The kitten is even called a purrito because it’s covered in an adorable cat burrito.


He’s so sweet and cute that everyone wants to stay with this kitten all night, so the vets let the kitten home with one of their workers – a technical dog. Veterinary technician named Oakley. He simply adores the little cat and mutual friends.

Immediately after training and in good health, he will be adopted as a kitten. Today he has more friends and step by step he will have a friendly and caring family worth having.

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