A glance at the Neighbours: performances to watch, and into the interior to approve

During the huiskamerfestival Go out to your neighbors and get your fellow citizens out on the dance floor with each other, listen to the performers, and evaluate them

During the huiskamerfestival Go out to your neighbors and fellow citizens, come to each other’s dance floor, listen to performers and judging as you sneak into each other’s interior. Where are you all thinking about while your living room is full of strangers, like?

“On Saturday, we have to grow,” said Chris Baerveldt, 66, of Utrecht, Netherlands. He set up his house on Sunday while he was out with his neighbors and was open to their communities. “As for the big sofa in the corner, on the side, we have 25 to 30 people, it will be lost. However, there was significant interest, so we could have people at the door and refuse to accept it.”

The very idea of ​​the showcase festival, for your neighbors, is very simple: in 23 cities and towns throughout the Netherlands, transform your home owners or healthcare facilities of your living rooms to become a mini podium for musicians, poets, and kleinkunstenaars, and other artists. In this way, the artists will have a stage and an audience and teach people in the neighborhood to know each other better. In 2008, the first edition of the festival in Amersfoort, the place. Living rooms are open to 1,348 people.

Anyone can have a living room to log into. Anyone who wants to live will lend to you, you can apply,” says founder Dirkjan van Oord. “You will be able to participate, whether you are in an apartment or in a closet from home. The most important thing is that you want to be upstairs neighbors to get it.”

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“The festival provides a stronger connection to the neighborhood,” says Baerveldt. “Eleven thousand people live in Utrecht Lunetten. A lot of people, you know, just out of sight, but peeking at your neighbors, suddenly they’re in your living room. Everyone takes a drink and sits down. Because it’s as narrow as it can be, they automatically come into contact with each other .”

One of the shows Kratko kadan neighbors neighbors. (Photo: Benjamin Hull, England).

You are now solely responsible for safety and security, As a View of Neighbors ‘ will be organized only in houses, the festival is not even for asking questions. “You’ll have to see if there were 1,348 birthday parties on that day,” Van Oord said. This means that the festival does not comply with, for example, the requirements of fire protection or the accessibility heidseisen for people with disabilities. “My friend, make sure people don’t go to the top to sneak in or do any other crazy things.” Chris Baerveldt, host in himself, for neighbors People are responsible for their own safety. Baerveldt’s girlfriend to follow him carefully. “They’re making sure people don’t go to the top to sneak in or do any crazy things. If something happens, we’ve got the big sliding doors open and everyone’s out. In the apartment, so I can imagine you’re there ahead of time thinking about it how to attract a large number of people who will be down at once.”

According to the Resort, nothing serious ever happened at the festival. “Everybody has to have liability insurance, just in case. But the worst thing is that in the twelve years I can organize it’s done, it’s a dead end.”

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as Of the Baerveldt relies on a good day. He himself, works well. “It’s a series about the unknown and the type of people who always tell you that you can achieve it; if you like it enough to want it. I’m curious to see how it turns out.”

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