A free Street Fighter 6 demo is available now on PS5 and PS4

There is just over a month left for the launch of Capcom’s long-awaited fighting game street fighter 6and we just received new information from the dedicated street fighter 6 The exhibition is organized by Lil Wayne. The biggest announcement came at the end of the show, when Capcom revealed that the game will be getting a demo on PlayStation 4 and PS5 today.

Street Fighter 6 Review | 20.4.2023 | American English

During the presentation, producer Shuhei Matsumoto explained that this demo will allow players to create a character that they can carry over to the full release. as well as experience the start of the World Tour and play some matches at the Fighting Grounds. While the demo is currently a PlayStation exclusive, having released today only on PS4 and PS5, it will be coming to PC and Xbox Series X on April 26.

While the demo was arguably the most important thing to come out of this street fighter 6 Showcase, a few more things were revealed. At the beginning of the presentation, we got a new trailer that highlights the World Tour and Battle Hub modes. For Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, we saw a new location called Nayshall; For the Battle Hub, we learned that players can fight in the hub of the hub with their created characters.

Next, game director Takayuki Nakayama talked more about the World Tour mode, revealing that players start out in Metro City, where Luke trains them. Players gain experience, level up, and learn skills to become more powerful. While there are plenty of fights in the World Tour locations, players will also need to befriend masters like Chun-Li to gain access to their specific moves. Players can fully customize their own character’s moves, but they will also find other characters that aren’t necessarily part of the main roster that are based on the same abilities.

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After a brief preview of what the Battle Hub has to offer, Fighting Ground took center stage. During this segment, Capcom revealed that fighters’ clothing will wear out over time, sounds indicating certain types of movement and distance can be activated to make gameplay more accessible, and there will be an offline AI-assisted gameplay style called Dynamic. We then saw Arcade Mode in action, where players can earn artwork for each fighter and compete with others for the highest score on an online leaderboard.

street fighter 6 it also features player-specific guides and basics, team battles, extreme battles with unique stage cheats, ranked matches, casual matches, and the ability to create custom rooms when playing online. Finally, Capcom teased what players can expect. street fighter 6 after its release. The first year of support will include four new characters: Rashid (Summer 2023), AKI (Fall 2023), Ed (Winter 2024), and Akuma (Spring 2023).

If you weren’t already convinced to pick up this game, chances are this presentation has something to convince you. street fighter 6 available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X on June 2.

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