A devoted friend. Smart stuffed cat named Trigger calls for help when owner has a stroke

A cat named Trigger acted quickly to call for help to its owner who had suffered a stroke.

The woman was working in the kitchen when the butter knife fell to the floor. A weary woman picks up a knife from the floor as she suffers a stroke.

She felt very bad and almost fell to the ground. Her 13-year-old cat was with her. The woman named her daughter Maria.


But Maria didn’t listen because of the soft voice. The woman asks the cat for help. She asked the cat to meow loudly to wake Mary up and get her attention.

The daughter came and called 911. An ambulance arrived and took the woman to the hospital. He will be cured here. Doctors will inject a blood thinner in time.


Thanks to the smart cat, the woman was saved and will live happily with her beloved cat. The first thing a woman does when she gets home is to hug her favorite cat.

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