A chef gives up his old life to open Thailand’s largest animal shelter

In eastern Thailand, in the province of Chonburi, a man found a shelter and named it “The Man Who Saved the Dogs”.

There are a lot of homeless dogs in this shelter. Many dogs have difficulty moving.

Thanks to the staff, the dogs are cared for and receive the attention they need.


A man named Michael J. Baines came to Thailand from Sweden in 2002. He works as a chef in a restaurant.

A stray dog ​​approached the man and the man fed the dog properly. The man feeds him every day.


The man noticed that there were a lot of stray dogs. Very quickly, the man saw that there were many stray dogs that needed help.

The man started his mission by taking care of some dogs, after about ten dogs he realized that he had hundreds of feral dogs to take care of.

In 2017, he founded a shelter where many dogs are cared for. There are many disabled dogs.

The man decided to open his own veterinary clinic. Dogs have their own wheelchair and prosthetic legs.

The shelter has 600 dogs and 30 staff members. Luckily, there are a lot of people donating money because this place costs $1350 per day.

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