A beautiful little yellow-shelled turtle. Rare species of tortoise like “Roasted Chessa” found in India

Yellow Mai is a very beautiful and cute looking turtle. Golden turtles are rare and are sometimes referred to as “Grilled Cheese”.

The turtle was found in India. It is the color of egg yolks, sun, daffodils or bananas.

The golden tortoise has made headlines online thanks to its cute appearance. Its color is sparkling. Its bright color makes the turtle dominant.


Collectively, this species of tortoise is known as the Indian tortoise. This turtle is brown with yellow spots. Sometimes they are yellow.

These turtles are found in South Asia. These turtles are not happy in the wild. These turtles do not live long in the wild.


This color of the turtle is due to albinism. Albinism causes animals to appear white, but this case is unique.

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