90 Day Fiancé: Jeniffer Tarazona’s Most Popular Instagram Photos

Jennifer Tarazona (Jeniffer Tarazona) since appearing in Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days agoShe gets a lot of love on her Instagram pics. The 28-year-old reality star debuted on 90 days ago Season 3 with famous TLC star Tim Malcolm. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out when Jennifer realized how close her ex-partner was to his best female friend, Veronica Rodriguez.

Tim announced his separation from Jennifer during the term Fiancé 90 days: Self-quarantine 2020. However, the model is 28 years old and fiance 90 days The franchise doesn’t end there, as she then appears in 90 Days: Single Life Season 2 stars Darcey Silva’s ex, Jesse Meester. Jennifer dated the young man from Amsterdam on the show and created a joint Instagram account to expand her brand. However, things did not improve at all, she publicly announced on social networks that the relationship with Jesse was over. Jennifer made headlines again when she and her ex returned to Tell-All and announced they were still together.

Jeniffer Tarazona Shows Blonde Hair

Although Jennifer’s relationship fiance 90 days The spinoffs are inconsistent and her popularity as an Instagram influencer is growing. Some of her best social media photos are proof, with her 177,000 followers admiring her. In September 2021, Jeniffer shared a close-up of her face with light makeup and showed off her pointed chin. she writes, “Meghalah” and used the card “blonde” to show off her hairstyle. fiance 90 days Fans were impressed with Jeniffer’s post and left her comments like, “You are so beautiful!”

Jennifer Tarazona expects the Queen’s treatment

Another famous post by Jeniffer came from a few years ago, when she called herself royalty and flaunted her toned figure. she writes, “You really need a queen, so make a queen, be a king,” Make a trendy pose in her photo. In the post, fiance 90 days The franchise star wore a gorgeous red designer dress that accentuated her long shoulders and neck. She wore light makeup with light blush, mascara and a ponytail. The Colombian reality star’s post has garnered more than 7,500 likes, as well as dozens of comments from fans and co-stars. It was even written, “You can be my queen.”

Jeniffer Tarazona and her daughter enjoy a fun outing

In December 2022, Jeniffer posted a cute photo of her picnic with her daughter and attracted widespread attention. In the post, she sits with her daughter as the two enjoy a fun day in the green surroundings. Jennifer also brought her adorable dog, which looked excited as she snuggled up to the duo outside.

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The 28-year-old single mother captioned her post in Spanish, which means: “I don’t usually post intimate moments like this, but today was the perfect day.” Fans were happy to see an honest slice of Jennifer’s life and praised her in the comments section. One Instagram user wrote, “Your daughter is beautiful alike her mother. “ fiance 90 days Alumni Tania Maduro also said that the duo is very cute.

Source: Jeniffer Tarazona/Instagram, Jeniffer Tarazona/Instagram, Jeniffer Tarazona/Instagram

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