9 Adult Jokes Kids Missed In Fairly Oddparents

Pretty Weird Recently received a live-action reboot form quite strangeThe fairies Cosmo and Wanda return, this time only to help teenage Veftner. With fairy godparents helping an elderly character who is facing the process of growing up, it opens up to more adult jokes.

However, many adult jokes go unnoticed in the original Nickelodeon animated series. Fittingly, a lot of it comes from the adults in Timmy’s life. While Cosmo and Timmy’s dad is the main source, they can still come at any time. Allusions are easy to spot when jokes can confuse viewers.

“How old are you?”

While searching the attic, Timmy stepped on a small box and crushed it. Apparently it was his father’s “dream locket”. He says it’s okay, his dream was broken long ago, but Timmy’s next question darkens the scene.

Timmy asked, “How many years ago?” only for his father to ask, “How old are you?” That is a very meaningful thing to say to a child. However, children watching at the time probably wouldn’t understand the implication that Timmy’s father’s dream had gone up in smoke when his baby was born. Now that many of the kids who watched it before have had children of their own, the nihilism of the joke is even more apparent.

plunge the world into the first world war

Timmy talks to the other godchildren in Fairly Oddparents.

Episode 5 “Discord in the Castle” has a strange kind of world history that is hard for young children to understand. The episode involves Timmy exploring Cosmo and Wanda’s aquarium. In it, he found paintings of their former godson. In it, he meets Marianne, who has a dark history.

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Marianne is found in the “Hall of Notoriety”. And for good reason, as Wanda puts it, she “killed Archduke Ferdinand and plunged the world into World War I!” It deals with the famous assassination that sparked the world famous conflict. How she did it was never explained, but she probably used her godfather’s magic.

“Itching my Cha-Chas!”

Cosmo and Timmy from Pretty Weird Parents

The joke is from the Season 9 episode “Anchors Away!” In spite of Pretty Weird Known for getting worse as the seasons go on, it still manages to interject adult jokes. For example, Cosmo wears a dress while crossing the desert. During this time, he said a few questionable lines.

Most famously, he said “Timmy! The wind annoys me!” He also makes several references to “cha-chas” throughout the scene, which may represent a piece of male anatomy. Cosmo is allowed to be completely nude under that dress, which is shameful.

Under the bed every month

Timmy .'s journal feature "under the bed every month" From quite odd parents.

In “Hardcopy”, Cosmo and Wanda are away so Wanda gives Timmy a magic copier. This allowed him to copy anything he saw in the magazine and make it happen. Children are less likely to focus on magazines because the content is more interesting to deal with. Its title may be more than they imagine.

magazine called Under the bed every month. Since it’s filled with toy ads, kids probably won’t doubt its contents. However, any adult watching TV knows which magazines are hidden under the bed.

Crock is clogged

Crocker drew an X on him, and Timmy set a trap in Fairly Oddparents.

Due to the high number of episodes on this Nickelodeon show, some episodes were omitted, such as “Crock Blocked”. Here, Timmy wants Crocker to disappear, but accidentally makes him invisible. The most dangerous thing in the episode is the nude Crocker scene, shielded by a favorable object in front.

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While it’s a bit inappropriate for him to be naked at school, any kid watching can still understand. What they may not understand is the title of the episode. For adults, it’s a public reference to what it’s parodying.

“I love big nuts!”

Nutty Trophy from Fairly Oddparents.

Not all adult jokes in PG media have to be subtle. Sometimes they can be popular allusions. in case Pretty Weird, this particular allusion is common. A famous example is the episode “Who’s Your Dad?” References to “Big Nuts” can be found in many volumes.

Usually they are combined with acorns or nuts. As such, these references are often found in volumes related to the Squirrel Scouts, who collect them for badges. “Who is your father?” The joke in “is about the acorn trophy. Anyway, this isn’t the only dirty joke involving the Scouts.

What does she want it for?

In Fairly Oddparents, Timmy's father blindfolds his wife.

Although not overly concerned with their son, the Turners are very close and are generally very happy with their marriage. See how excited they are about it in the episode “Partnership!” The episode opens with the Turners giving each other commemorative gifts.

While Mrs Turner’s gift of roller skates to Mr Turner was great, his gift to her might raise an adult’s eyebrow. When she received the blindfold, she exclaimed that she has always wanted one. “Always wanted” is a weird thing, unless she’s using it for some adult activity. Even some adults might not understand why she’s excited.

“You shouldn’t be on those sites!”

Crocker's mother wore a dress from Fairly Oddparents.

Considering it’s been around for over a decade, it’s easy to forget strange parents It was the Nickelodeon show of the 2000s. Surely the audience will not forget when watching the classic episodes coma information highway,,” in spite of. This volume is filled with Internet jokes from the early 00s. It also contains an adult joke about internet content.

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Mr. Crocker tried to confront Timmy over the internet. Timmy eventually prevailed and leaked footage of Crocker being forced to wear see-through clothing. That alone was dangerous, but when Timmy’s dad saw it, he told Timmy not to go to “those sites”. Any sites he mentioned were quickly forgotten, as he added that the dress made Crocker “look good”.

Dr. Bill

While his parents watched TV at Fairly Oddparents, Timmy took a tissue.

Timmy’s magical adventures are often noticed by his parents. That’s not the case in “Poof’s Playdate” where they watch an episode called Dr. Bill. This Dr. Phil parody does a “bad parenting test” involving some very suggestive things.

He said it wouldn’t be a good parent if the child stayed in his room for long periods of time, saying “I’m busy” and using a lot of tissues. Cue Timmy shows up and does all of this due to episode conflicts. If a boy says this in the real world, it’s usually a sign that they need privacy, a cue that adults will pick up on right away. However, children are less likely to understand such obscene words.

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