5 things we want to see in a Dexter prequel

Dextera well-received sequel to the series Dexter: New blood it fixed all the mistakes of the original’s terrible finale. However, much to the disappointment of fans, Showtime, which recently rebranded to Paramount+, has just confirmed that the series will not be returning for a second season. However, there is idea to spread widely popular Dexter universe: an exploration of the prequel series about a young Dexter discovering his dark traveler.

One of the undeniably endearing traits of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), despite his murderous activities, was the fact that he was a careful killer. He learned to control his urges and direct them only at the awful people who had escaped the long arm of the law. In his opinion, they deserve to be banished from the world. That directive was courtesy of his father Harry (James Remar), a homicide detective who, upon learning of Dexter’s dark desires, did everything he could to protect his son. The process kept Dexter safe and content while allowing Harry to bring justice to his victims by eliminating heinous criminals who would otherwise get away with their crimes. It’s a compelling backstory that could easily play out several ways if Showtime moves forward with the idea of ​​a prequel series. If so, there are a few things loyal fans want to see in a potential predecessor.

More on the father-son relationship from Harry’s perspective

Randy Tepper / Showtime

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The father-son dynamic was a big part of both Dexter and Dexter: New blood. In the first, Harry kept appearing to Dexter as an expression of conscience. In the latter, fans finally met the teenage version of Dexter’s son, Harrison, and saw the strained relationship between the estranged father and son. The prequel series could explore another angle of Harry and Dexter’s father-son relationship, seeing a younger Dexter come of age and the pivotal moment when Harry discovered Dexter’s dark side.

Dexter’s childhood and relationship with his father were only explored through flashbacks in the original series. Details were sparse and told only from Dexter’s perspective. Learning things from Harry’s perspective would add a whole new element to the story.

Harry’s inner torment

Young Harry from Dexter in detective uniform, looking grumpy.Image used with permission of the copyright holder

Dexter discovered in the original series that his father Harry had developed a Codex for him, which required him to investigate a potential victim to confirm that the person had indeed committed heinous crimes and was going to get away with them. Seeing how Harry wrestled with the truth, his inner turmoil, and how he eventually came up with this idea could make for a fascinating watch.

As a homicide detective, it’s implied that Harry picked out certain people he knew were guilty but had never been charged before pointing Dexter in their direction. This put a lot of stress on the father; so much so, in fact, that Harry ended up taking his own life because of it. His guilt and struggles with his son could be a potential emotional focus for the series.

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Relationship with Debra

Dexter sits across from Debra at his kitchen table in a scene from Dexter: New Blood.Seacia Pavao / Showtime

The sibling relationship between Dexter and Debra, along with the confusing romantic feelings Debra had for her adopted brother as an adult, was a central theme of the main series. After her death, Debra reappeared as Dexter’s manifestation of conscience Dexter: New blood. She was the only person Dexter had genuine feelings for and wanted to protect from harm.

Debra often recalled her jealousy over how close Harry was to Dexter, but fans are wondering how it all happened under the same roof without Debra knowing. Did she know more than she let on before repressing the memories as an adult? Seeing how these two interacted with each other growing up could provide an additional interesting perspective to the overall story.

Dexter’s first kill

A terrified younger Dexter covered in blood talks to his father Harry in a flashback scene in Dexter.Sonja Fleming / Showtime

Harry famously witnessed his son killing animals, leading him to suspect that Dexter was just as disturbed as his older half-brother, Brian, recognized. Harry thought that developing the Codex would control Dexter’s urges while doing good for the world. But Harry was so worried about Dexter getting into the situation of dismembering a dead man’s body that he took his own life.

Seeing that moment in the prequel would set the stage for the main show. Was it Dexter’s first human kill or simply the first Harry had witnessed? It would be exciting to see who Dexter’s first victim was and how he caught, killed and disposed of the body.

Ritual and blood slide

Dexter with his finger in the air bent over a victim on his desk who is covered in plastic in a scene from Dexter.Randy Tepper / Showtime

Dexter’s signature was his ritual of subduing his victims with etorphine, taking them to a room covered in plastic wrap and strapping them naked to a table. Always wearing his green “kill” shirt, he would show them a photo or object that represented why he chose them. It could be a person they killed, a child they hurt, or something they did. He berated the victim and drew blood from their cheeks to place in a slide for his keepsake box before plunging a knife into their chests. Then the cleaning process began.

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It took Dexter a long time to perfect this ritual. It would be interesting to see how it all came together and the mistakes Dexter made along the way. Had Harry helped him more than was ever said? Admittedly, a less refined Dexter might not be as compelling to watch. But the path from devising the ritual he had to science could be a compelling angle.

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