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Unlike other action games. 1v1.LOL is a shooting action simulation game. Where you lead is very important. Join the war between armed robots. With the available game modes, your task is to defeat the opponents and build yourself a wall to hide. In most games of the same type, you only need to complete tasks such as killing enemies. Search for items and prepare to enter dramatic battle. You’ll notice the difference here when it comes to the 1v1 genre. LOL, you will be paired up for a shootout. And build your own sanctuary.

It is because of this factor that 1v1.LOL has attracted the attention of players. In that context, various types of action games have appeared on the market. Coming to 1v1.LOL, players will be randomly matched 1 within 3 seconds. It is worth mentioning that the game also supports automatic shooting and triggering. Helps players manipulate more easily in battle. When entering the game, the player will be given a character name. Create a virtual birth certificate for the character. And in the first match, don’t rush into battle, but go to practice to gain experience first! If you can beat your opponent and become the top scorer, what better than that.

Download mod 1v1.LOL – Ultimate Building and Shooting Battle

In this game, players will be able to participate in multiplayer battles in several different modes. And most of the time, in battle royale. In this battle, the player must not only defeat the opponent, but also build hidden spells. By using the tools and materials provided. Try and be the ultimate winner. Quickly take down your opponents and build a safe haven. At the same time, practice hard and gain more combat experience. Download 1v1.LOL now to start training and fighting your opponents!

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The game mode is very attractive

Your mission is to shoot down the opponent as quickly as possible. Make your robot the last man standing in battle. Every time you build a defensive wall, try to shoot down your opponent. Investigate your surroundings with in-game 3D graphics. Easily watch your opponents move and try to move as fast as you can. Otherwise, it is very easy to be defeated by the opponent. How to control in 1v1.LOL is not difficult. With intuitive control panel easy to use anytime, anywhere. If you want to move your character, press the keys on the left side of the screen. Combine attack and defense, take down your opponents and win the mid lane.

Mod APK 1v1.LOL

weapon system

1v1.LOL has a fairly simple weapon system. Includes 3 main weapons: sniper rifle, shotgun and ax. Players can consider using weapons suitable for different situations according to different situations. and use it however you want. That’s it, it’s easy, isn’t it? You are also supported to fire and activate automatic fire when using a gun. Make it easier to join the battle. However, you should still practice in the first rounds of the game to practice shooting skills and building walls faster. In addition, every time you defeat an opponent, you can promote your peak shooting talent.


build shelter

Build shelter walls to stay away from enemy bullets. Players will be equipped with tools and equipment to build a base. You can build however you want. But think about how it helps you avoid enemy bullets. At the same time, it’s easy to switch to it. The shape of the shelter is less important, so focus on its shielding. A safe haven can help you defeat your enemies more easily. So when building, please calculate carefully.

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1v1.LOL mode

Download 1v1.LOL now and join the simulated shooting battle. Form a top penalty shootout and beat all your opponents at once. This is a game that promises to bring you great experiences. Helps you eliminate fatigue and build strategic thinking. Do you want to be the ultimate shooter? Beat all the opponents in the shortest time? Not only set a record for yourself but also ranked number one in the world? Do your best in 1v1.LOL now! Now join me in setting a proud record.

Download 1v1.LOL MOD APK for Android (God Mode, Speed, Wall Hack)

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