15 professions with guaranteed jobs in Canada for French people who want to change country

Do you dream of changing the country? Canada opens its arms and guarantees you a job if you work in one of these 15 sectors.

Do you dream of changing the country? Canada opens its arms and guarantees you a job if you work in one of these 15 sectors.

The dream of many French people is to find a job, a new opportunity in another country, a country where the economy is more dynamic. A great option for a country with thousands of possibilities is Canada. The country offers diverse employment opportunities, quality of life, security and higher education.

Canada is a developed country that suffers from a shortage of qualified professionals. This is a great option for French people who want to earn a living in another country. The evidence is that 22% of Canadians were not born in the country, which means they immigrated there for work opportunities and an improved quality of life.

Now find out what occupations can make you change the country in 2024.

Nursing – Canada is facing a shortage of nurses, making this profession an excellent option for foreigners interested in working and living in the country. To enter the field, you must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and registration with a provincial regulatory body. In addition, it is essential to obtain registration with the Canadian Nurses Association or the Canadian Council of Nurse Practitioner Regulators (CCPNR). The average salary of a nurse in Canada ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 euros per year.

Industrial Electrician – This role does not require a college degree, but does require experience and training. The highest wages are offered by industries located in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba. The average salary of an industrial electrician in Canada is around 57,000 euros per year.

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Accountant – companies are looking for accountants to monitor budgets, income and expenses. Qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) certification. The average salary of an accountant in Canada ranges from 26,000 to 52,000 euros per year.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic – Qualified heavy equipment mechanics from various parts of the world have the opportunity to immigrate to Canada. They are responsible for the maintenance of excavators, cranes, agricultural and mining equipment. The average salary of a heavy equipment mechanic in Canada ranges from 48,000 to 62,000 euros per year.

HR Manager – Canadian companies are looking for immigrants to meet labor market demand, which is why it is critical to hire competent HR managers to drive talent recruitment. The average salary of a human resources manager in Canada is around 61,000 euros per year.

Pharmacist – In order to practice the profession of pharmacist in Canada, you must have a diploma in pharmacy and be approved for an examination administered by the Canadian Pharmacy Examination Council (PEBC). The average salary of a pharmacist in Canada is around 61,000 euros per year.

Welder – Companies require a welder to have professional training and experience, although it is not necessary to have a university degree. In addition, specializing in underwater welding can increase your chances of employment. The average salary of a welder in Canada is around 50,000 euros per year.

Veterinarian – Given Canadians’ love of pets, veterinarians find a vibrant job market. Professionals must obtain a license from a provincial regulatory authority to practice the profession in the country. The average salary of a veterinarian in Canada is around 65,000 euros per year.

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Web Developer – Also known as a programmer, a web developer uses their front-end and back-end knowledge to create applications that run on the Internet, such as apps and websites. The average salary of a web developer in Canada ranges from 29,000 to 77,000 euros per year.

Supply Chain Manager – Professionals with supply chain experience in France have a good chance of finding work in Canada. The field of logistics is growing and employs several people. The manager, for example, monitors all parts of the chain to ensure smooth operation. The average salary of a supply chain manager in Canada ranges from 37,000 to 79,000 euros per year.

Physical Therapist – Canada’s aging population has increased job opportunities for physical therapists. A degree from a university accredited by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association is required. The average salary of a physiotherapist in Canada ranges from 32,000 to 63,000 euros per year.

Electrical Engineer – Those who study electrical engineering gain the skills to design, analyze, test, and build electrical components. The average salary of an electrical engineer in Canada ranges from 35,000 to 89,000 euros per year.

Aerospace Engineer – An aerospace engineer plays a key role in the various stages of manufacturing and maintaining aircraft vehicles and systems. The average salary of an aeronautical engineer in Canada is around 67,000 euros per year.

Software Engineer – Software engineers are in demand by technology companies, especially in the province of Ontario, which is considered the “New Silicon Valley”. They play a vital role in the development of computer programs and applications. The average salary of a software engineer in Canada is around 69,000 euros per year.

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Security Analyst – Another prominent IT profession in Canada is the security analyst, who uses computer knowledge to create security barriers in systems and prevent data leaks. The average salary of a security analyst in Canada ranges from 33,000 to 64,000 euros per year.

In order to find a job in Canada, it is important to follow some tips. Firstly, improving your English skills is crucial, as employers value mastery of this language. It is essential to adapt your CV to the Canadian template, which should be shorter and focus on relevant information such as projects, scholarships and volunteering. In addition, writing a cover letter, a cover letter that highlights your experience and your qualities, is crucial in the Canadian context. When sending your resume, it is recommended to use specific Canadian employment platforms, such as Indeed, Jobs in Canada, Kijiji and Canadajobs. However, it is also important to update your LinkedIn profile and participate in Facebook groups dedicated to work opportunities in the country.

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