10 Songs From Musicals That Are Unexpectedly Difficult To Sing, According To Reddit

2021 brings adaptations for musical theater lovers Dear Evan Hansen, in the highlands, Tick-tock, tick-tock…bang!,even more.While 2022 has been relatively quiet, there has been a decline in information Matilda and the long-awaited evil The musical has fans on the edge of their seats. While the musical’s songs and stories are widely known, the show itself is largely unwatchable due to distance, cost or pandemic guidelines.

Because of this, many fans are left to enjoy the musical on their own, downloading the soundtrack, singing along, and imagining everything in between. Fans singing songs themselves can create varying degrees of emotional connection, but that emotional connection can be hampered by the fact that the song is surprisingly difficult to sing. It’s no secret that some songs are impossible for anyone to complete without extensive training, but musical theater fans took to Reddit to discuss secret songs they didn’t expect to get into trouble like they did.

“New Argentina” – Evita

musical Evita Follows the life of Eva Perón, who rose from poverty to power, investigating how she became an icon in Argentina. The first act ends with the song “New Argentina,” in which Eva and Juan Domingo Perón gain social and political power through their commitment to the people.

The song is deceptively simple, and Eva’s short phrases seem more like dialogue than song—until you try to sing it.As Beth Holler said, “There are very few performers who can sing this song without sounding like they’re screaming.” This is consistent with the way Patti Lupone talks about the musical of: “I screamed through a section only a woman-hating man could write” (from New York Times).

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“Giants in the Sky” – Into the Woods

jack went into the woods

Although Jack is played in the movie by the talented Daniel Huttlestone; into the woods Typically performed by men in their late teens or early twenties, his songs were written for those who spent all their time training. “Sky Giant” is a great song, but also very difficult.

Reddit user Psychotwilight calls the song “written by a sadist” and defines its complexity as: “hard-to-hit notes that jump from high to low quickly, complex lyrics that are difficult to remember and pronounce, and rapid tempo changes.” , it takes a really good actor with a strong stage presence to sell well.” It’s a powerful song, but definitely not one that beginners can master without putting in some effort.

“Hope you can come here again” – The Phantom of the Opera

Christine sings at the graveyard in The Phantom of the Opera

kristen song in phantom of the opera These songs are notoriously difficult, but most people focus on her most striking and soaring songs. However, according to Reddit user im_not_bovvered, the song Christine wrote to her father is actually “one of the hardest Soprano songs in a musical.”

When played well, this song can feel very peaceful, but it takes a talented singer to hit the right notes while maintaining the emotional tone. Petite_Courtney explains the song’s complexity: “A lot of people focus on the high E, but what really makes her songs difficult are the many low notes. Any Christine actress needs a huge vocal range, but also a Very comfortable range during breaks. ”

“I’m still alive” – ​​close to normal

The main characters of

next to normal Opened on Broadway to great fanfare in 2008, relatively little was known to the public until it appeared in one of the productions. riverdaleNotorious musical. The musical tells the story of a woman trying to manage her bipolar disorder while grieving the loss of her son.

One of the show’s most popular songs is “I’m Still Alive,” which is sung from the perspective of her son (or her illness, depending on the interpretation). While there’s little difficulty in the song, Reddit user Sarcherre described it as “a marathon and a sprint at the same time.” It’s hard to hold your breath to finish the song, and as Carnivile explains, “It’s also boring if you don’t have a good performer. You need a really dynamic voice, otherwise it’s just a repeat of ‘I’m Still Live 60 Times.” “

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“By the Sea” – Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd and Miss Lovett at Sweeney Todd's Beach

Musical fans may revisit Halloween classics barber todd But they may find it surprisingly difficult to keep up with Helena Bonham Carter as she attempts to seduce Johnny Depp’s crazy hairdresser Elope with her.

“By the Sea” isn’t very difficult in terms of the notes Ms. Lovett sings, but XenoVX explains that the complexity lies in the phrasing: “[Sondheim] Most of it isn’t that bad in terms of scope, but it’s very challenging to get the lyrics right while maintaining the right phrasing and performing the lyrics as intended. “There’s a lot to say in a short amount of time, and it takes a lot of time to sing clearly and convincingly.

“End Game #3” – Chess

Anatoly Sergeyevsky and Freddy Trump stare at the chess board

Many musicals are based on historical events chess Use a literal chess tournament as a metaphor for the Cold War.Tim Rice spoke about the musical in January 2022 on his podcast Get Onto My Cloud, saying queen strategy That’s been done, so the play may soon be revived on Broadway and/or made into a movie.

The song “Endgame #3” takes place at the climax of the musical, when both the chess tournament and the characters’ personal crises are in jeopardy. The instrumental music is too exaggerated, which may fool the audience into thinking that the singing is simple. But as Pickseese says, “In every live recording I’ve heard, most of the actors (even the pros) are completely out of breath or in trouble by 3/4 of the way through.” This musical isn’t for it. timid person.

“If I Love You” – Carousel

Nettie Fowler sings for Julie in

rogers and hammerstein musical carousel It tells the love story of Julie Jordan and Billy Bigelow as they navigate the complexities of life. Before things fell apart, they sang “If I Loved You,” a song that teased their attraction without outright stating it.

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While the song is relatively simple in terms of the singer’s vocal range, nearly every word is expanded upon.As 16note said, “You need to breathe sky Complete the phrases of that song before you even get into the performance challenge of the scene. “There are some amazing duets out there, but unless both parties happen to be highly trained performers, this one might be difficult to pull off.

Maria – West Side Story

Ansel Eggert's Tony and Rachel Ziegler's Maria stare at each other in 'West Side Story'

classic musical west side story Just remastered in 2021, making its soundtrack popular again. Despite its complexity, its hardest song may be masquerading as its simplest: “Maria.”

Redditor IrmeliPoika explains the surprising choice: “It has a fairly difficult melody, a bit deceptive rhythm, and some impressive high notes. The lyrics are mostly ‘Maria’, which also makes it harder because You can’t rely on words to express emotion.” Repetitive songs often look simple, but are difficult to do well.

“Send The Clown” – Little Night Music

Anne reads a letter inviting her to a party in

night music Explores the intricate ways in which a group of mismatched lovers gradually find a better relationship. Desiree was involved in numerous affairs and was an actress struggling to find fulfillment in her life.

“Send in the Clowns” is a hugely popular song from the musical, but its complexity is hidden in plain sight. While the audience focuses on the lyrics and notes, time plays with them. As Shh04 explains, “It starts in 12/8 and before you finish a phrase, moves to 9/8 and alternates between the two throughout the song.” Success means the audience never Notice how difficult it is.

“Goddess of Shiksa” – the past five years

Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan over the past five years

past five years Follow Jamie and Cathy as they try to make their relationship work, with one looking back at the relationship from the end and the other seeing its progression from beginning to end. While the musical is known in theater circles for being extremely complex, it didn’t seem that difficult in the 2014 film adaptation, especially Jamie’s song “Shiksa Goddess.”

However, as Ethra2k points out, “Jason Robert baritone is basically a tenor range, but with a full baritone voice.” Because his songs don’t stay within a clear range, they can be very difficult to manage.

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