10 Movies To Watch If You Liked Get Out

go out This is one of the most watched movies of recent years. Screenwriter-director Jordan Peele’s feature film debut is about a young black man who visits his girlfriend’s progressive white parents for the weekend. The embarrassing situation at first gradually got weirder.

This movie is probably unlike any you’ve ever seen, and Peele crafted a complex and wonderful story. However, in terms of themes, plot elements and emotions of the film, there are also some films in the same line. So if you are go out Check out some of these great movies.


Jordan Peele’s next movie might seem like the obvious choice, but it’s go out, of course you can feel Peele’s distinctive style. This macabre thriller tells the story of a family on vacation when a group of look-alikes is stalked.

Fits the “social horror” category like go out, we It is an extremely complex film full of mysteries. It may not be as explosive as his first film, but it’s still a very funny, exciting, and unsettling movie.

green room

Interview: Anton Yelkin endured terror in the green room

go out Effective use of modern racism as a tool to tell horror stories.Jeremy Saunier’s green room Modern white supremacists are also used as terrifying villains in this brutal thriller. The film centers on a reluctant punk rock band performing at a neo-Nazi camp, only to find themselves in a dangerous situation.

The film has the same claustrophobic feel as John Carpenter’s earlier films, and the violence is unsettling in its uncharacteristic presentation. The movie gets bonus points for turning Patrick Stewart into a truly terrifying neo-Nazi leader.

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one of the most disturbing go out Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) starts out as a guest in the house, but gradually finds it impossible to leave. Adapted by Stephen King, anguished There’s a similar, scary feeling to it.

The film is about a writer who is adopted by a strange woman after being injured in a car accident. When the woman revealed that she was a big fan of his work, it was clear that he was left there against his will.

become john malkovich

John Malkovich has found a portal to his mind

in spite of become john malkovich is a comedy, and the fact that it was written by the brilliant Charlie Kaufman suggests that it is go outPeele has said that some aspects of his films are influenced by “Being John Malkovich” and it’s not hard to see that.

It stars John Cusack as a struggling puppeteer who discovers a mysterious portal into actor John Malkovich’s mind. Despite the strange idea, the movie is a very funny, slightly creepy and engaging movie.

rosemary baby


Cult seems to be a creepy concept that has been used in countless horror and thriller movies. One of the most disturbing aspects of the cult go out That is it seems to be made up of relatively ordinary and well-off people.

rosemary baby is a similar description of a cult in which its members are not mindless fanatics, but people you might encounter in everyday life. The film is about a young family moving into a new apartment and discovering that their neighbors may have shady intentions.


Andy Knightley looks angry at the apocalypse

mix comedy edgar wright with go out, but they are both effective in creating a sense of paranoia in the midst of a seemingly tranquil atmosphere. This hilarious sci-fi comedy follows a group of friends who return to their hometown to hang out at a bar, only to discover something unusual.

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alike go out, the film has an ominous omen that something sinister is happening right in front of our eyes, but it’s unclear what it is. In addition to being a good genre film, it features Wright’s signature dynamic direction and witty dialogue.


The 10 scariest cults in the movie

a certain sense of despair go outChris slowly begins to see how weird and potentially dangerous things are, but no one admits it. He feels lonely, surrounded by people who seem to be losing their minds.

There is a feeling similar to good horror works, knitterThe film tells the story of a police officer who travels to a Scottish island in search of a missing girl. He finds himself in a community where outsiders are not welcome.

night of the undead

zombie night duane jones

go out This is certainly not the first horror film to use its premise to comment on modern affairs. George A. Romero is one of the filmmakers who has used this technique most effectively, and his zombie films are often used as allegories for real-life problems.

his first movie, night of the undeadwas a ground-breaking horror film that also dealt with racism in the 1960s. Peele considers it the inspiration for the film as well as his film career.

Stepford and his wife

Woman pushing shopping cart in supermarket scene from Stepford Wives

The suburban scene seems idyllic go out is a unique concept but not exactly new in the horror genre. On the surface it looks perfect and enthusiastic, but the environment with deep secrets hidden beneath the surface is creepy.

sci-fi thriller, Stepford and his wife Using a similar setup and with some other similarities go outIt tells the story of a family moving to a new suburban community and the wife discovering that the women there seem content to be the perfect housewife.

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go out Great dispelling the truth about Chris’ threat to viewers. We know things aren’t what they seem, but the atmosphere is friendly and exclusive. It adds to the feeling of paranoia and makes the audience question everything.

horror movies are underrated Appointment Great use of this idea. The film is about a couple who attend a dinner party at their friend’s house, but find that the night is becoming more and more dangerous. Are they paranoid or is something else going on? This movie keeps you guessing until the shocking ending.

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