10 Harsh Realities Of Rewatching Naruto

Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation Lately, they’ve gotten to know the alien invaders with god-like powers who happen to be descended from the previous final boss, the Otsuki clan. But before fans of the series dive into the sudden escalation in power levels, it wouldn’t be wise to take a step back and look at the series’ roots as a way to look back into the past.

When it comes naruto With over 1,000 episodes airing and over 10 serials, it’s no surprise that not everything has lived up to viewers’ expectations. As is common with most anime series, things like additional plots, investigations, and inadequate conclusions for arcs are sure to keep people from wanting to watch it again.

foresee the death of some characters

Learning about a character’s fate can spoil the viewer’s experience in a number of ways. Unless a series can make the journey more satisfying than the ending, audiences are unlikely to enjoy dozens or hundreds of episodes that last, knowing what will happen to the characters before they get to the end. to destination.

Given the long time and dark nature of the world in which children are raised as soldiers, it’s no surprise that some of the characters die solemnly in the process. naruto. For most viewers, watching a character grow up knowing he’s dying can be a disappointment. It’s tempting to fast-forward or watch nothing at all, especially in a series that’s just naruto.

slow energy expansion

The Demon Brothers in Naruto's First Mission

this naruto The series is divided into two titles: naruto And Naruto Shippuden. While the latter isn’t as serious, the former leaves audiences with battles with petty characters they’ll never see again, and those who go back and re-watch the series will find it romantic. Waste of time.

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this is a big broblem naruto This has become a huge hole for many naruto Fans choose to skip. Enduring every arc will have older viewers lamenting what they know this character can tackle with ease on the road. In a way, it causes unquenchable impatience unless there is an ongoing story they are willing to live with.

Know plot twist

Naruto's kick Naruto

A true twist can’t be called a twist if the viewer knows what’s going to happen next, which is something reviewers will inevitably encounter when re-watching the series. exist. . .The Beginning narutothere are so many mysteries that the average viewer won’t get the answer to until the next issue, Naruto Shippuden.

It doesn’t matter if the show doesn’t suggest many times, making older viewers roll their eyes because they already know all the answers. Once the major events are revealed, especially for big issues like who Naruto’s parents are and what happened to the Uchiha clan, it will affect the experience.

animation from another era

Payne's face distorted during the battle with Naruto

in spite of Naruto Shippuden relatively well maintained, naruto Animation was released twenty years ago. Anime wasn’t mainstream at the time either, which meant it didn’t get as much popularity and sponsorship as newer titles today.

Viewers who watch the series again will know what the future holds and will have a good time. However, audiences who are used to the quality of today’s high-budget cartoons may find it a bit uncomfortable. Surprisingly, even by today’s standards, the series’ most important fight is animation.

review the worst characters

the ugliest character in naruto

The “worst” label doesn’t necessarily mean characters who are known for malice or misconduct, it can even mean people who end up making their behavior or experiences the action becomes less enjoyable.and narutoWith a strong cast, it’s no surprise that there are quite a few of these characters.

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Fans mostly agree when it comes to the worst character on the show naruto The series is like that, and there’s plenty of reason to think that their decisions are primarily aimed at annoying archetypes that seem like the tropics of anime seem to be forever. For example, Ebisu is an arrogant and perverted character who often berates Naruto despite being an unrelated person, but he basically has many bows about him.

miss the forgotten characters

Ebisu and two other Naruto characters.

naruto Made the mistake of repeatedly removing interesting characters entirely in favor of characters that were less interesting but more important to the plot. To many viewers, this seems like a waste of a character’s potential that sometimes even surpasses that of the main character.

Veteran viewers who re-watch the series will have to watch it naruto Characters that deserve more screen time will gradually disappear from the beginning of the series until they essentially become the setting for key events. That’s kind of underestimating the tiny growth they’ve made before.

incomplete episodes

Naruto swings alone when his classmates graduate

While not exactly sub, naruto Tends to pull events out with unnecessary repetitive flashbacks and minute-long inner monologues. This really interrupts the rhythm of a heart-pounding event. It could also stretch what was supposed to be a short fight into a roughly five-episode event.

This won’t be a problem if the problem is solved in the next section, Naruto Shippuden. However, reviewers of the series have known that this pacing issue persists, even until the very end. The fact that this question can turn a month-long review into months is sure to put those interested in rewatching the show into hesitation.

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Personality development is not always positive

naruto and sasuke fight when they were kids

Sometimes a character can go in a rather nasty direction. Take Sasuke for example: at the beginning of the series, he’s a bit aloof and unapproachable, but he still cares about his team. At the same time, in Naruto Shippuden, He appears as a selfish, nasty villain obsessed with revenge, even at the expense of those important to him.

The flip side to this is the lack of character progression, leaving the audience with only a handful of decent and mature characters compared to the beginning of the series which had so many characters with such great potential. . Knowing what will happen to their favorite character, or rather won’t change, can be exhausting for returning fans.

crammed too much

Naruto and Sasuke standing next to the ostrich

fillers annoy them both naruto And Naruto Shippuden So much so that it’s famous for it and for good reason. Only naruto This one episode alone is estimated to be around 40% full, meaning dozens of hours of viewing events that don’t matter and will never be mentioned again.

Cushion is definitely one of the worst aspects naruto, also fall prey to other tropics. While audiences eagerly await a sequel to a classic, it is entirely possible to spoil the rhythm of certain arcs with uninteresting stories. That’s one of the biggest reasons people avoid re-watching shows, because unless they know which episodes to skip, they’ll add dozens of months to their watch time.

264 hours is required

Naruto before becoming a ninja

With only 24 hours in a day, finding 264 hours to watch anime is a lot harder than one might think, and it can turn watching anime into a month-long ordeal.

Ultimately, this is certainly the biggest hurdle when considering a show again, as not many viewers are willing to take the time unless they’re particularly committed. It makes one consider whether it’s worth it because, so to speak, the time could be invested in something more productive.

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