10 Days of a Bad Man ending explained: Does Sadik survive the final face-off?

A lawyer-turned-private-investigator, Sadik, the protagonist of 10 Days of a Bad Man, is depicted as a troubled man. He is heavily abusing painkillers to cope with the loss of his young wife and their unborn child – both died during childbirth. But after an unfortunate accident, the investigator is made to cross paths with a crime lord named “Sir” and must do his dirty job of finding a Ferhat.

The events that follow bring Sadik face-to-face with danger and a complex murder mystery of a wealthy and influential man. Meanwhile, he also uncovers Sir’s dirty scheme to make him take the fall for a crime fueled by his vengeance for the man he is so ravenously searching for. He then double-crosses him and his goons during a showdown.

However, throughout the film, Sadik appears to have very little regard for his own life and, in the concluding scenes, consumes the pills with alcohol before fatally shooting Sir. In what seems like his final few moments, the private investigator is saved by his friend, Zeynel.

10 Days of a Bad Man is a noir-comedy and sequel to Netflix’s 10 Days of a Good Man, which premiered earlier this year. The film was written by Damla Serim and Mehmet Eroglu and directed by Uluc Bayrakta. It stars Nejat Isler, Riza Kocaoglu, Kadir Cermik, Erdal Yildiz, Hazal Subasi, Hazal Filiz Kucukkose, Ilayda Akdogan, Senay Gürler, Bora Akkas, and Mahir Günsiray, among other actors.

Does Sadik survive the final face-off with Sir in Netflix’s 10 Days of a Bad Man?


10 Days of a Bad Man, Netflix’s latest Turkish thriller, starts off on a cryptic note, with Sadik getting involved in a road accident. There is not much known about him or his character until the later parts of the movie. He is then dragged into the world of crime for a few debts he owes to “Sir,” who wants him to look into a mysterious man named Ferhat, the son of a powerful Congressman.

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The film initially seems to revolve around Ferhat until Sadik discovers it was all a part of a complicated ruse orchestrated by Sir and his right-hand man to make the private investigator take the fall for a crime he was forced into. It was revealed that Sir, a ruthless criminal, wanted to kill Ferhat out of vengeance and would have implicated Sadik in the murder.

Elsewhere in 10 Days of a Bad Man, Sadik entangles another murder mystery, the wealthy and influential Hasmet Koseoglu, the owner of the K&S group who was murdered at his mansion. The investigator was approached by Hasmet’s niece Buket Koseoglu. He eventually uncovers a twisted plot involving Buket, her twin sister, and her lover (aka the victim’s daughter).

Sadik and Pinar in 10 Days of a Bad Man (Image via Netflix)

The protagonist, who has a troubled past and abuses painkillers to cope with the loss of his wife and their unborn child, struggles with his addiction while his past unravels as he investigates the case. Then, using a buried case from his past, the investigator figures out a way to tackle Sir and his goons using a case from his past. He then ambushes the criminal.

But during the concluding scenes of 10 Days of a Bad Man, Sadik consumes his pills with booze right before shooting Sir to death. He would have died if it wasn’t for Zeynel and Huso, who are now a crucial part of his life’s new journey. Sadik also finally accepts his feelings for Pinar, his young associate who was seen helping him throughout his cases.

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Sadik, along with Pinar, Zeynel, and Huso, returns to his adoptive mother, Meral’s house in Eskisehir, where he once spent his life with Fatosh, his departed wife.

Turkish mystery-thriller 10 Days of a Bad Man is now streaming on Netflix.

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