10 Best TV Shows To Watch If You Like The Peripheral

When the first season ended, Amazon’s Peripherals is a TV show featuring alternative reality, highly advanced technology and futuristic society. The film tells the story of Flynne Fisher, a talented gamer who suddenly finds herself in the middle of a future conflict over the characters she controls in a seemingly alternate universe.

Starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Peripherals It manages to keep viewers hooked as each episode reveals more of its complex and sprawling plot. Peripherals.

Rocky (2021-)

Stream on Disney+

MCU’s resident prankster star on Disney+ show stone. Receive goods after the event Avengers: Game overThe Loki variant that appears in the show is different from the one featured in the MCU movies, as the main Loki was brutally killed by Thanos in A.Avengers: Infinity War.

both Peripherals And stone There are episodes involving alternate universes and time travel. stone Take things to the next level by introducing different variations of the main characters, such as Mrs. Rocky and the Rocky Kid. The show set the tone for the future of the MCU when it introduced Kang the Conqueror, the leading villain of the next stages.

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Upload (2020-)

Stream on Prime Video

Nathan looks and touches the uploaded flowers

In the future world, upload It is a program in which humans can transfer their consciousness to the virtual world after passing through. The show centers on a computer programmer who finds himself in an expensive digital paradise while dealing with his possessive girlfriend, who is still alive and well.

exist Peripheralshumans can transport themselves into different timelines or universes and manipulate physical containers. This is very similar to the technique in upload, though no meat. The show’s engaging concept and witty writing have helped it gain a loyal following.

Rick and Morty (2013-)

Stream on Hulu, HBO Max and Roku channels

Rick and Morty talk in Full Meta Jackrick Season 6 Episode 8

adult swimming rick and the dead is one of those shows that tries to wow fans by sticking to its lore, while still having sub-episodes worth watching. The film follows Rick Sanchez and his grandson, Morty Smith, as they document their misguided journeys through space and in different universes.

EQUAL Peripherals, rick and the dead It doesn’t go into depth explaining how parallel universes and time travel work, but instead focuses on its interesting plot and characters. rick and the dead Try harder to be self-introducing and meta, which somewhat enhances the humor and keeps fans hooked.

Far West World (2016-2022)

Stream on HBO Max

Based on the 1973 film of the same name, western world There’s a virtual world where visitors can do whatever they want, whether it’s a violent orgy or starting a relationship with a robot. While the show’s first season was mostly limited to virtual theme parks, the real world began to struggle in later seasons as powerful artificial intelligence took over human lives.

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In addition to future technology in the program, western world also share the same creator Peripherals. This explains the similar post-apocalyptic feel and tech-driven vibe between the two shows. Those who decide to watch the show should keep their eyes open because western world There are many hidden secrets and easter eggs.

Slider (1995-2000)

Broadcast on Peacock and Roku . channels

Characters from the TV series Sliders.

scroll bar Takes its title from the terminology the main characters use when traveling from one universe to another. The film tells the story of a group of future travelers who use wormholes to “snap the ropes” between universes and protect the world from an evil alien dynasty.

EQUAL Peripherals, scroll bar It also involves traveling through parallel universes to protect the universe. Because of the show’s reach and loyal fan base, there has been much discussion about scroll bar Reboot, although no official word has been given.

Fringe Club (2008-2013)

Stream on HBO Max and Freevee

A character clinging to an old man on the brink

edge is a television show that combines the procedural genre with the supernatural and science fiction. For five seasons, an agent named Olivia Dunham is tasked with investigating unconventional crimes. It became clear that the case she was working on was somehow related to a parallel universe.

alike Peripherals, edge is a program that deals with an interconnected world. However, edge In a sense, each episode has a different mystery, and although it has an overarching plot, which will be explored further in later seasons, it is on a larger scale.

Crazy Men (2018)

Stream on Netflix

Participants sitting in Maniac .'s test room

netflix crazy is a star-studded miniseries including Jonah Hill, Emma Stone and Justin Theroux. set in the distant future, crazy Follow two strangers as they participate in an experimental drug trial designed to replace cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Little did the participants know that the drug would induce vivid dreams, allowing them to see different versions of themselves in the fantasy world. crazy There is no alternate universe, it has different versions of the main characters in different worlds, similar to Peripherals.

The Man In The Castle Above (2015-2019)

Stream on Prime Video

Alexa Davalos in The Man in the High Castle Part 2

The Man in the High Castle Re-imagine an alternate universe where Nazi Germany won and achieved global domination. Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle is an exciting show about a young woman who discovers a series of films that could be the answer to defeating the fascist regime in her world.

parallel world in Peripherals And The Man in the High CastleThe show revealed that footage collected by the mysterious “Man in the High Castle” shows a parallel world in which the Confederates were victorious. Compelling plot and engaging and complex storytelling make The Man in the High Castle It’s worth seeing.

Black Mirror (2011-)

Stream on Netflix

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis in Black Mirror San Junipero

Created by Charlie Brooker, black mirror is a sci-fi series that imagines how the most advanced and complex technologies can create a problem (or solution) in the future of human society. black mirror They vary in genre and atmosphere, but they all have outdated and technical themes.

this black mirror Episodes “Bandersnatch” and “San Junipero” with Peripherals Because the episodes have a sense of humanity, the digital world and the alternate universe. Some episodes of the show have received critical acclaim, but others have been criticized for being self-righteous and formulaic.

Missing (2004-2010)

Stream on Hulu and Freevee

Without a doubt, ABC lost is one of the most memorable supernatural fiction shows in television history. The film is about survivors of a plane crash who find themselves on an island in the Pacific Ocean. The island’s mysteries are quickly unraveled and form an intricate plot that highlights time travel, supernatural themes, and alternate universes.

Peripherals And lost They are similar in the sense that they both have complicated stories with unique rules of time travel. lost Has developed a strong following thanks to its gripping story and annoying yet interesting crime-solving sequences.

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