10 Best Sisterly Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Although ANIMAL CROSSING Over the years, the series has introduced players to over 400 unique villagers, with the rarest personality type in the game being the “sister” personality type of only 24 villagers.Of course, this number isn’t particularly surprising since the sister personality type (also known as the “big sister” or “uchi” personality type) was only added to ANIMAL CROSSING Series in Animals stepping on new leaves (2016).

Of course, the scarcity of villagers with sisterly personalities makes it somewhat difficult for players trying to get a variety of personality types represented on the island.With so few sister villagers to choose from, identifying the best candidates for island life is crucial for players to get the full experience ANIMAL CROSSING experience.


Agnes is a great sister villager that can be added to many different islands. While the sister villagers can be harsh until they get to know the player better, Agnes displays a very sweet style in both her clothing and interior design choices.Thanks to her pink and yellow sundress and the numerous floral pieces on her body Animal Crossing: New Horizons Inside the house, Agnes provides a good introduction to the relatively rough-and-tumble sister character type. Of course, Agnes remains a representative of the other sister villagers, and she’s happy to offer self-defense tips and medicines to deserving players.


Pashmina talks to villagers

A lot has changed between versions Animals stepping on new leaves and Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pashmina’s style is undergoing a major change. When many players are first introduced to the sister goat villager, her style is primarily rococo.exist Animal Crossing: Happy Home DesignerPashmina explicitly requested “a gorgeous rococo room”.

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However, Pashmina’s style has completely shifted towards Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The interior of Pashmina’s new home has a retro American diner theme, and her colorful baggy sweater seems to match the style. However, no matter which style Pashmina prefers, she is one of the most stylish villagers the player can find.

Purple red

Purple shades a female villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons

ANIMAL CROSSING Players who like pink will be fascinated by purple. However, the good qualities of fuchsia go far beyond its bright color. Fuchsia is a very relatable villager who often has trouble making decisions but is sure to succeed once she makes up her mind, which also influences her decisions.

According to her description Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”, “Once Fuchsia decides to do something, she gets it done! The problem is deciding what to do…” Additionally, when players interact with Fuchsia, she displays a wicked sense of humor. Combining fuchsia’s bold style with relatability, she’s sure to be a great addition to any island .


Ursula looks up with a smile in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Ursula is undoubtedly one of the cutest sister villagers a player is likely to encounter. Animal Crossing: New Horizons.Úrsula was a beloved figure among the villagers, in fact, her character changed from her earlier brash character type to ANIMAL CROSSING Once the name was introduced, the game became a sister genre Animals stepping on new leaves.different from some new horizonsThe rudest of the villagers, Ursula in a cute striped dress new horizons and provide a stable, loving foundation for the introduction of sister villagers in the future. One of Ushara’s favorite sayings is “surround yourself with the things you love,” which perfectly describes the sweetness this pink bear villager can bring to any island.


Carter standing on the beach in

Players who like rock music will be attracted to Katt, a sister cat villager and a die-hard music lover, and a worthy candidate for the selection. ANIMAL CROSSING Islander players who enjoy hanging out together.Kate’s new horizons The interior of the house features electric guitars, a full drum kit, effects racks and a record player, along with stacks of music magazines. Even outside of her home, Kate is a villager with a musical bent, and you can see her singing everywhere in her black jacket and chunky chain necklace.

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Sally says goodbye to her villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Sally is a very direct villager who, as she says in the book, “talks to no one.” Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp describe. Like many other sister villagers, Sally has no patience with those who spread rumors. Of course, the arrogant and ill-tempered villagers are known for spreading rumors, which may earn them a stern rebuke from Sally.

One of the Monkey Village sisters’ favorite quotes explains her belief: “A good beginning leads to a good outcome,” which may also explain her urge to call out bad behavior whenever she sees it. The sooner the dispute is over, the sooner Sally and the other villagers can start over and enjoy exploring the island together.


Muffy standing in her room in Animal Crossing New Horizons

As Muffy’s card says, “There’s a black sheep in every family.” On the surface, this is a light-hearted reference to Muffy’s all-black fleece. However, the quote could be a reference to Morphy’s gothic fashion and design choices, as well as her tough, sisterly personality.

Aesthetically speaking, Morphy is an essential villager on a dark-themed island. Muffy’s fashion and interior design preferences are particularly inspired by gothic Lolita fashion.Players are looking for ANIMAL CROSSING The quirky yet sweet villagers are sure to become good friends with this sister sheep villager.


Tammy screams in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Tammy is a sister bear cub villager with no patience for bullshit. One of Tammy’s favorite sayings is “If a job is worth doing, do it well!” If players and other villagers behave poorly in her presence, she is quick to remind them to make things right. However, at the end of the day, Tammy just wants to have a good time with her friends.

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Tammy’s goal Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Essentially designing her home as a place to host a Halloween party for all her friends, rather than designing a space for herself. This universal desire to provide for her loved ones is a core aspect of Tammy’s character.


Deirdre against an autumn background in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Deirdre is the perfect match ANIMAL CROSSING Those who wish pumpkin spice would be available year-round. This Sister Deer villager can always be seen around town wearing a cozy floral sweater, and her penchant for fall is completely unavoidable once the player steps inside her house.

Deirdre’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons The house is elaborately decorated with red, orange and yellow foliage, and the furniture is made almost entirely from mushrooms and tree stumps.For players looking for fall activities Animal Crossing: New HorizonsDeirdre is the ideal interactive player for their seasonal needs.


Sylvia talks to a female villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Sylvia is another sister villager who is first introduced to players early on as a snooty villager. ANIMAL CROSSING game. Like Ursula, Sylvia’s reappearance as a sister villager helps fill in a new sister character type with an already beloved character.

This sister kangaroo villager is very caring towards those she cares about, which easily includes players who are friendly to her. Like other female kangaroo villagers, Sylvia carries her joeys around in their pouches. Players who come under Sylvia’s protection may feel as warm and protected as her baby Joey.

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