10 Best Anime About Having A Pet

Anime has appeared in recent seasons like Using my ridiculous skills to make a campfire in another world And The Kawasugi Crisis With heroes and animal companions. Naturally, many anime fans are also pet owners and pet owner love shows they (and their fluffy friends!) can relate to.

Just like the most popular pets are cats and dogs, most anime about petting have cats and dogs. From the cool aspects of life to the more grounded storylines, one thing that’s been constant in all of these shows is the special relationship all pets share with their humans.

her and her cat

The precursor to some of Shinkai’s best films began with a 1999 short about a kitten named Chobi who ran away from home to live with his owner. 2016 anime adaptation with subtitles May all go well with you, There was an older cat named Daru who helped his humans through almost the same situation.

Both shows are short but very sweet and revolve around finding companionship that is key to adapting to big life changes like moving house. Daru and Chobi’s tense but kind humans rely on their beloved cats’ friendship. Both people and the audience after watching it agree that life is hard but the world in general is good and they love it.

With a dog and a cat, every day is fun

In Dogs and Cats, Everyday Is Fun, a cheerful dog and a grumpy cat run away from their cranky owner Matsumoto.

Most anime with pets tend to focus on one animal or another. As the title suggests, the feats of cats and dogs are told from the perspective of their human counterpart, Matsumoto. She loves her pets, but often finds herself taken aback by their antics.

The series moves through the moderately sized episodes at breakneck speed, with much of the humor rooted in the differences between cats and dogs. The dog is a cheerful poodle, completely fueled by a love of life that removes all discomfort within milliseconds. And the cat, once a docile kitten, is now quiet and intimidating, demanding everything it wants.

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Laura hugged Hamtaro with both hands and they both had Hamtaro's smiles on their faces.

Hamtaro is an ordinary hamster that lives in Laura’s bedroom. Laura doesn’t know that Hamtaro often sneaks out of his cage to adventure with nearby hamsters, but nonetheless loves him very much and is always happy to come home and talk to Hamtaro about her day. .

While Laura and Hamtaro’s story tends to be independent in each episode, their friendship is central to the series. Hamtaro is one of the cutest personified animals in the anime, he loves her like his hamster friend and is always ready to call on the team to help Lara, as in “Chasing the Sandal” when both They were in a hurry to buy Laura the slippers she needed for the school play.

One day, a letter from the dog kingdom


A dog abandoned by its owner in the parking lot of the stop. Fuka, the owner’s daughter, found it, took care of it, and named it P-chan. When P-chan realizes his former master isn’t coming back, he gives himself completely to Fuka, who truly falls in love with him in one of the most beautiful friendships in anime.

The film in particular is only 11 minutes long, but its potential for direct impact on viewers, especially those who have experience with abandoned or abused animals, is significant. P-Chan’s letter to Fuka from the afterlife “dog kingdom” is exactly what every pet wants to hear after they’re gone: Their pets love them, miss them, and always feel satisfied. about how they are treated with Happy.

How to preserve mummies?


Many have experience with dogs and cats, but poor Kashiwa Mukong has to take care of a miniature mummy! The mummy given to him by his absent father is named Mii-kun, and this mummy quickly becomes a favorite of Sora, and together they help Sora’s friends mate with more adorable creatures. .

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Fans of the film loved the break away from conventional dog and cat stories, its more realism and its foray into the realm of urban fantasy, as well as its warm, comforting tone that is timeless. Each pair of creatures and humans complement each other perfectly, which is exactly what everyone wants when it comes to bringing a pet to life. Especially Mii-kun who lit up Sora’s former lonely life.

Massugu Ni Ikou

Ikuko caresses her dog Mametarou in Massugu Ni Ikou.

As he proudly describes himself, Mamataro is a three-year-old hybrid dog loyal to his owner Ikuko and his lover Hanako, a purebred Kishu. He’s spent his life wandering around town with Hanako and dealing with Iku’s boyfriend, Akiyoshi, whom he hates for taking human attention away from him.

Tomaro and Iku’s relationship is an important part of the movie, but Tomaro is also good friends with all the dogs in his neighborhood, and their light-hearted adventures will appeal to lovers. any dog ​​breed. In addition, Mametaro often interrupts the story to give viewers helpful tips on how to take care of dogs, such as keeping their teeth healthy.


Ash and Pikachu stand on his shoulders in Pokemon XY.

In this world, animals don’t exist at all: instead there are Pokémon, beings whose powers and abilities far exceed those of real-life animals. Those who catch (and even hatch) Pokémon are responsible for training and caring for them, and they often form a lifelong relationship, much like Ash and his companion Pikachu.

While the show focuses on characters pursuing careers with Pokémon, such as trainers, coordinators, and breeders, many just live with them as if they were pets. Almost everywhere Ash and his friends go, viewers see humans and Pokémon sharing their daily lives, preferring to watch their more competitive companions rather than join them on their own.

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I, Tsushima

Ojii-chan watched in amazement as the chubby Tsushima sat in I, Tsushima's empty food bowl.

Tsushima is a cat with very basic needs: good food, a warm bed, and someone to talk to. When an elderly woman finds Tsushima rummaging through trash for food, she takes him home to live with her and her pets. Shocked, she is completely different from her other cats, and Tsushima shows that he can talk!

For the many pet shows that focus on young people and their equally ferocious dogs and cats, this life comedy slows down considerably. However, Tsushima and his new family’s quirky animation style and contrasting personalities make this short series very unique and interesting.

Chi’s beloved home

In Chi's Dear Home, the kitten Chi happily sits in the yard full of flowers.

Chi, a stray kitten, meets the Yamada family and embarks on a lucky path in life. She became close friends with their preschool son, Yohei, and her parents developed a bond with her, quickly treating her like a member of the family.

In one of the best cartoons for kids, Chi goes through one adventure after another in her everyday life: too young and with too little knowledge of the world of animals. people, she feels everything is big, even with the relative lack of storytelling. Make the audience feel happy. Even though there are hundreds of episodes, that’s only because each episode is about two and a half minutes long: these lovely slices of life are pretty thin!

my roommate is a cat


Suspense writer Subaru Mikazuki rarely leaves the house or talks to others, unable to live because of his severe social anxiety. The wild cat Haru has always had to focus on survival and has never known a life without fear. Subaru eventually adopts Haru, and their lives change dramatically.

This show, more than any other, emphasizes that pets’ humans need them as much as pets need their humans. Thanks to Subaru’s inexperienced but sincere concern, Haru is able to let go of her guard and fall in love for the first time. Without Haru, Subaru wouldn’t be able to step out of his comfort zone and make new friends. Their friendship opened the door to the rest of the world for both of them.

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