बागेश्वर बाबा विकिपिडिया, बायोग्राफी, जीवनी : Bageshwar Baba Wikipedia in Hindi

Croatian, India : Bages hwar Baba Hindi Wikipedia

बागेश्वर बाबा विकिपिदिया, Croatian, India : Bages hwar Baba Hindi Wikipedia – टो दिसोल्स अज In this article we will tell you Who is Bageshwar Baba, what is the history of Bageshwar Baba and the business field that Bageshwar Baba is associated with. दिसोल्स बाने , Croatian, India : Bages hwar Baba Hindi Wikipedia

Bageshwar Baba – Bageshwar Baba

January 4, 1996. I was born in the village of Gadaganj near Chhatarpur. اداگانگ یز ا پیراور ا ای. This happened to him. He did so. He did it with him. அந்பை Dadaji That’s one. Then they went to Gaon village. Then he did it. It’s one of those things. He did that.

Croatian, India : Bages hwar Baba Hindi Wikipedia

This is one of the best He did that to me. This is one of the best. As a result, they do nothing. Then he did it. Dhirendra . He did it with him. दिरेंडर के पिता He did it and he did it. ದಿನ್ , ಕಾನ್ . पहले कासी He said. It’s one of the best.

Detailed information about Bageshwar Baba ki Wiki

Cr. Topic Wiki details (wiki details)
first. Nickname Dhirendra
2. sex male
3. Year old 27 years old
4. Date of birth September 14, 1997
5. First and last name Shree Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Garg
6. Job • Sanatan Dharma Pracharak • Storyteller • Sacred Court • Pramukh Bageshwar Dham • YouTuber Channel
7. Nationality India
8. place of birth Gada, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh
9. Religion Hinduism
ten. Zodiac sign Virgin

Details of Bageshwar Baba ki . family

Cr. Topic family information
first. father’s name Ram Kripal Garg
2. Mother’s name Saroj Garg
3. Marital status unmarried
4. Name of life partner ABOVE
5. brother’s name Shaligram Garg Ji Maharaj (younger brother)1 older sister
6. sister’s name Shaligram Garg Ji Maharaj (younger brother)1 older sister
7. Children’s names ABOVE
8. Work/Boyfriend Kirti Mehra

Physical statistics Bageshwar Baba ki

Cr. Topic Physical statistics ( ал статьс )
first. Body size ABOVE
2. body type Strong, muscular
3. Height in feet inches – 5.8 feet
4. Weight ABOVE
5. Belt 32 inches
6. Hair color under black
7. Eye color ABOVE
8. Shoe Size ABOVE
9. Skirt Size ABOVE

Career Bageshwar Baba ka

Bageshwar Dham Maharaja studied poets like Ramayana and Mahabharata since childhood, then he tried to study more in Vrindavan, but because of fish he could not study further in Vrindavan so he did not stay in Bageshwar Dham. அக்கு சித்தி This is one of the best. . He studied all the epics related to the Hindu scriptures of his grandfather and began to show people how to approach them.

Bageshwar Dham Maharaj also teaches, he serves others and understands you with devotion while doing welfare work. श्री दीरेचंडर He did that to me. .

दीरचंडर क्रिष्ण महाराज He did it to him. Bageshwar Dham Shri Dhirendra Krishna ji Maharaj उ उग Also, because in his darbar the gong starts ringing never distracted, he tells people their problems before they speak and solve the problem. भी बाता देटे हैन

That is why Krishna Maharaj gradually became known as Meerachari Maharaj and Bageshwar Maharaj became known as भारत है में भवार्ट Then he did it. Nowadays, many videos of Shri Dhirchandra Krishna Maharaj go viral on social media and many people are ready to stand trial about their plight. No.

Education level Bageshwar Baba ki

Cr. Topic Academic level
first. Qualification Bachelor of Arts (BA)
2. School Ganj Gymnasium
3. Colleges ABOVE

Bageshwar Baba ki Favorites

Cr. Topic Favorite things
first. favorite movie ABOVE
2. favorite actor ABOVE
3. favorite actress ABOVE
4. favorite athlete ABOVE
5. Favorite singer) ABOVE
6. Favorite Player ABOVE
7. Favorite food ABOVE
8. Favorite YouTuber ABOVE
9. favorite hobby ABOVE
ten. favorite apps ABOVE

Bageshwar Baba ki Net Worth

Cr. Topic net value
first. net value 19.5 million HRK
2. Net worth in Indian Rupees ABOVE
3. Monthly income and salary ABOVE
4. Annual income ABOVE

Bageshwar Baba ke Social media accounts (Insta, Twitter, Facebook)

Cr. Topic Social media accounts (Insta, Twitter, Facebook)
first. YouTube Click here
2. Instagram Click here
3. Facebook Click here
4. Twitter Click here

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