You’ve got the eyes of a hawk if you can spot Rodolfo and his red nose in this festive puzzle.

RUDOLPH’s red nose is an iconic symbol of Christmas, but only the most discerning can spot it in this silly puzzle.

Celeb fans will have to take off their glasses to have any hope of spotting the legendary reindeer among the multitude of similarly illustrated animals.


Can you see Rodolfo grazing with the flock? Credits: Savoo

Each pack has brightly colored noses, with purple, green, and blue in some of the shades shown, but only one has that distinctive red muzzle.

The fiendishly tricky puzzle features a group grazing at the North Pole in a landscape filled with Christmas trees and wrapped presents.

Made by London-based company Savoo, it should take around 30 seconds to spot a red-nosed reindeer, but it’s harder than you might think.

Christmas is always a time for extra fun, and pranks, tricks, and riddles can enhance the festive atmosphere.

Do you think you found it? Scroll down to check your answers, but don’t cheat!

There it is, cleverly hidden


There it is, cleverly hidden Credits: Savoo

Yes, Rudolph was cleverly hidden in the lower right corner of the image, his bright red nose barely visible behind the other reindeer’s antlers.

Well done if you managed to locate it in an instant.

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His legendary red nose is barely visible between the antlers of another reindeer.


His legendary red nose is barely visible between the antlers of another reindeer Credit: Savoo

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